22: Happy And Content?

In one of his classes, Wayne Hackett once told a story about Safety Energy Lock 22. Mary Burmeister was demonstrating how to hold and open SEL 22 while explaining its name, “Happy And Content Wherever You Are.” A student from the class raised his hand and asked, “Isn’t that how they buried the Egyptian mummies?” “Yes,” Mary laughed, “happy and content wherever they are.”

I was on a 9-hr flight yesterday when I was reminded of the function of Safety Energy Lock 22. Eight hours into the flight (and 16 hours since we started the treck from a small Bulgarian town back to the US), my whole knee was bursting with pain, my right hip was starting to ache and I was at the end of my patience. So, why SEL 22 and not something else? I don’t have an answer for that. But the discomfort level dropped drastically from an eight to a three on a ten-point scale, and my mood suddenly improved significantly. And, once we landed and I was able to get up and walk, the pain disappeared entirely unlike similar situations in the past when it lingered for days.

The puzzle now is, what does SEL 22 have to do with knees and backaches and overall discomfort from too much sitting in one place? Here are some things I thought of while holding my SEL 22.

SEL 22 is the key to all inhaling processes and ascending energy just as SEL 11 is the key to all exhaling processes and descending energy. I can easily see how an open SEL 22 might facilitate the harmonization of any energy that has stagnated in the back. Even its number, 22, appears to be made of two 2’s – bringing to attention the function of SEL 2 and its back and leg harmonization effects.

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    Thank you for this. Your insights are so helpful!

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