The One Flow – Scholarship Announcement and Updates

I am happy to announce that the winner of our Scholarship is Rajvarna S. Congratulations!

If you have considered signing up for the class but have not done so, we still have a few seats left. I like to keep the seats limited so that we keep the class in a seminar style with plenty of opportunities for exploration, practice, and Q&A. Shortly before the beginning of the class, I will send you a copy of your birth chart so that you can work with it in class. I also like to do brief astrological readings of the natal chart for each of my students. You will receive it in the first couple of weeks in the form of a 50-min recording.


We will focus on one flow from our textbooks as a general topic of each class. In addition, we’ll explore health and harmony, and how they are coded in the natal chart.

The JSJ flow for the first class on July 7 will be the 11-12-4-3 flow. (Text 1, page 26)

Time, Day, and Registration

We’ll hold meetings every Thursday 7 pm – 8:30 pm US Eastern Time for six weeks in a row. The class starts on Thursday, July 7th and ends August 11. If you miss a class, or you wish to review what we did, you will have access to the audio recording of it afterwards.

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Keeping what worked before

The class is open-ended. I’ll select a topic for each week and will announce in advance. We’ll start each class period with quick check in, then a short breathing exercise, and then we’ll explore the topic for the day. We’ll keep the focus on the practical. We’ll share experiences, jointly search for answers, and come up with ways to improve our self-help practice. I will answer questions that relate to the majority of students. For more individual concerns, I will be available for 30 min after class to answer those.

Embracing the new

The class is on JSJ self-help. We’ll integrate Astrological principles and the knowledge of Spiritual Laws to enhance our JSJ self-help practice. All meetings are over the Internet via Zoom, and you will have access to the audio recordings afterwards.

Class fee and Scholarship

The fee for the class is $120. We’ll have six meetings over six weeks, 90 min each. We’ll record all classes, and you will have an unlimited access to the audio recordings.

The Scholarship seat has been filled! Congratulations to Rajvarna S. for receiving the Scholarship! The application is now closed. Thank you to everyone who applied!

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