Safety Energy Lock 8 for Extreme Temperatures

I’ve already written about the function of 8 in a separate post but today I wanted to revisit Safety Energy Lock 8 and especially the Special Body Function 4.

The climate in Bulgaria is dry, and even though it might get well into the high 30s C (high 90s F) during the day, it gets chilly at night. The other night I was sitting outside with a couple of friends, and I felt that chill all of a sudden. So, I reached out and held my 8s (just outside my knees) for several minutes and the chattering of my teeth subsided. That didn’t come much as a surprise since I’ve had similar experience in the past.

The new thing I tried, however, was to hold my 8s when I visited the sauna at a local spa. And wouldn’t you know it – the 8s worked out for heat just as well as for cold. For the first time, I was able to sit there for a prolonged period without too much effort.

I know some people like to play with the Left-Right concept, but somehow my natural inclination always goes for simplicity. I can never remember which side is which. And, given that both sides work nicely, why complicate it beyond that? Besides, I like to keep the intent of my JSJ practice to “Restore Harmony.” I feel that if I went for Left-Right choice of 8s, I’d be imposing my own conscious intent of heating or cooling over the universal one of “Harmony.”

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