Tag: Effortless Reality

A Roadmap to Awakening

I am starting a new project! I have compiled a collection of essays on various situations I have found myself in recent years. They mostly philosophical and spiritual musings interspersed with practical applications to how to live with less effort and more contentment. Would you like to get a first look at the book chapters? They will be posted weekly on the Lilies of the Field site.

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Safety Energy Lock 8 for Extreme Temperatures

I’ve already written about the function of 8 in a separate post but today I wanted to revisit Safety Energy Lock 8 and especially the Special Body Function 4. The climate in Bulgaria is dry, and even though it might get well into the high 30s C (high 90s F) during the day, it gets chilly at night. The other night I was sitting outside with a couple of friends, and I felt that chill all of a sudden. So, I reached out and held my 8s (just outside my knees) for several minutes and the chattering of my teeth

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