To Unlock Safety Energy Locks 16, 17, 18, 19

A Good-for-Everything flow, it helps us break down the old, let the new emerge (SEL 16), and do away with fear (little toe). Be still and know (SEL 25), and clear spirit, mind, and body (SELs 19, 17, 18), so that we can ultimately be happy (SEL 15).

The original sequence is given in M. Burmeister’s Text 1 on page 31. Below, I give a self-help variation that I originally posted here

Left Flow

Right HandLeft Hand
1.Left outer ankle (L 16)Left little toe
2.sameLeft sit bone (L 25)
3. Left elbow (L 19)same
4.sameLeft Mudra 6
5.sameLeft fist
6.Right groin (R 15)same

Right Flow

Right HandLeft Hand
1.Right little toeRight outer ankle (R 16)
2.Right sit bone (R 25)same
3. sameRight elbow (R 19)
4.Right Mudra 6*same
5.Right fist**same
6.sameLeft groin (L 15)

Note. (*) Mudra 6 is thumb over ring fingernail. (**) Form fist by placing tips of your fingers at the base of the thumb. This is to open SEL 18.

Further Commentary

it is one flow to help the Supervisor, Mediator, and Gall Bladder Function Energy.

For someone recovering from a stroke, this sequence is helpful to recover with minimal damage. If possible, apply within 24 hours of condition. If not possible/practical to apply the entire sequence, the anchor step (holding the outer ankle with little toe) will suffice. If you cannot do it yourself, ask someone else to hold your little toe.

When you need to rebuild or reinvent yourself, or for any radical changes, this flow is very helpful.

Do you wonder which side helps what? The flow helps the same side in the front and the opposite side of the back [T1, p.31]. For example, left flow helps the left brain (and hence right hand) but right kidney.

Note. Remember that our left hand is governed by our brain. As such, if you are trying to help the left hand, you need to use the flow that helps the right brain, that is the right flow!


Do not be afraid
To break old patterns.
In stillness, you will know
You are powerful beyond description.
Listen to the Voice within
And find yourself