Stomach Function Energy


Stomach Function Energy

At 8 am, Large Intestine becomes Stomach Function Energy at the cheekbone (SEL 21).

Along its path, Stomach Function Energy circulates across the face and returns to the same side near the eyer. From there it descends to the acromion and splits into two parts. Each part subsequently splits into parts, and some of the parts intermingle.

One or more branches of the Stomach Function Energy flow into the stomach, umbilicus, the groin area, along the inner thigh, across the opposite side knee, descend along the outside of the leg and reach the middle, second, and big toe.

Stomach ends at 10 am at the outer side of the big toe where it becomes Spleen Function Energy.

Harmonizing the Stomach Function Energy

Stomach Function Energy is one of only three Body Function Energy that is given in the Self Help books. In SH1, p. 43, it is given as the second in a 3-sequence daily routine. Its purpose is to revitalize the Anterior Descending energy of the body.

  • Thumb
  • 21-22: Place the right hand on your left cheekbone (L21) and the left hand on the left collarbone (L22). Reverse for the right flow.
  • Use the Anterior Descending Energy from the Self-Help books (SH1, p. 43)

Further Commentary

Stomach Function Energy and the Face

Many people consider Stomach Function Energy as the best flow for a facelift due to its circulatory path. As a face flow, however, remember, Stomach Function Energy will also help you with mental balance. After all, “a mind lift beats a facelift” according to Mary Burmeister. [WMS, p.14]

Stomach Function Energy and Digestion

Stomach Function Energy is related to digestion on many levels. Due to its circulatory path, it helps digestion projects, but it also helps situations when we have trouble mentally digesting news, situations, events. Stomach being a face flow and corresponding to the astrological sign Gemini, has a deep connection to acquiring and disseminating information, including talking. Too much talking, too little talking are both signs of dis-harmonized Stomach Function Energy.


Due to its circulatory path – one of its branches goes across the knee, harmonizing Stomach can help with knee discomforts.