“Takes away our tears and fears” [TH]


At 4 pm, Small Intestine becomes Bladder Function Energy at the forehead in the area of SEL 20. It ascends diagonally over the top of the head and descends down the back.

At the back of the head, it splits into two: one flow goes into the earlobe, while the other descends through the brain and splits again. The inner branch flows along the spinal cord all the way down to the coccyx area. The outer branch flow continues to the shoulder where it splits once again in the area of SEL 3.

The three branches of Bladder Function Energy flow down the back, at 1, 1.5 and 3 inches to the side of the spine. The outer two eventually merge back in the area of SEL 25, and together they reconnect with the inner branch at the center back of the knee (the area of center SEL 8). Back to one flow, Bladder Function Energy now continues down the calf flowing to the side along the outer ankle (SEL 16) until it reaches the little toe where it becomes Kidney Function Energy at 6 pm. Kidney eventually will flow down the back parallel to the Bladder’s three pathways. Only, the Kidney branch is the closest to the spine at about 0.5 in away from it.

As the seventh in the diurnal division, Bladder corresponds to Libra of the Western Astrology. Ruled by Venus, Love, and place of exaltation for Saturn, Justice, Bladder/Libra brings both energies into one as they were intended to be. If separated, Justice appears fearsome, and Love – weak. Joined together, they give us the strength to look at the world without any fear. Harmonized Bladder “takes away our tears and fears” [TH, p.115], and dissipates FEAR, described immediately after the pages dedicated to Bladder Function Energy as the “false evidence appearing real – paralyzing in its effects” [TII, p. 28].

Bladder Function Energy along the back

The Experience of Bladder Function Energy

“Takes Away Our Tears and Fears” [TH, p. 115]

Bladder governs the waters in the manifested body, be it tears, sweat, or urine. As such, it can help with involuntarily tearing of the eye, clogged tear ducts in babies, and any circumstances when the waters appear unbalanced. Just like water, it washes off our uneasiness and fears and brings us back into the flow of now. As a face flow, together with the Stomach and Gall Bladder, it helps harmonize our mental and emotional state.

With the clarity and mental balance gifted to us by a harmonized Bladder Function, we can see through FEAR as it is: “False Evidence Appearing Real”. We can “simply BE”: to unload all the garbage and to receive in the cosmic abundance that is ours [TII, p.25].

Up the Back, Down the Back

As the three back branches of Bladder flow down the back opposite to the direction of the Posterior Ascending Energy (Supervisor) an intermingling may occur. In such cases, various discomforts such as deep head discomfort, stiff neck, backache, hip discomfort may occur (TII, p. 24). Harmonizing Bladder leads to harmonizing of the entire posterior energy as it flows up or down and helps stiff neck, backaches, and hemorrhoids.

One branch of the Kidney Function Energy goes down the back parallel to the three Bladder flows. As it goes 0.5 in from the spine, it is actually between the spine and the innermost Bladder branch. If Kidney has overwhelmed Bladder, the intermingling happens at TV7, the seventh thoracic vertebra [T2, p. 38]. On the other hand, if Bladder has overwhelmed the Kidney, the intermingling is at LV2, the second lumbar vertebra  [ibid.].

Number 3

We have three pages dedicated to Bladder Function Energy [T2, p23-25] and three harmonizing sequences for its harmonization. Bladder flows along three pathways down the spine and its outer two branches separate at the SEL 3.  Venus rules both SEL 3 and Bladder which are all about relationships.  Of the three General Daily Sequences to “unload the dirt, dust, and greasy grime”, the third one is actually the self-help sequence for Bladder [SH1, p.48; TH, p.154].

The Harmonizing Sequence

Holding SEL 12 and SEL 25 on the same side is the anchor step of the sequence given for the harmonization of Bladder (TII, p. 23). We move from SEL 25 to the back of the knee and SEL 16 to open the pathways below the waist. Then, open SEL 23, SEL 10, and SEL 3 to open the pathways above the waist. Throughout the sequence, we have kept our one hand on SEL 12. The harmonizing sequence for the Bladder follows directly its pathways along the back of the body. As our hands have traced the harmonizing sequence, we begin and end at three: one hand at SEL 12 (which reduces to 3) and the other on the actual SEL 3.

SEL 12 – SEL 25/Coccyx

As a quickie or self-help, we can hold the anchor step of the general sequence SEL12 – SEL 25 [TII, p. 23; TH, p. 130], or that of the self-help sequence SEL 12 – coccyx [TII, p. 24].

SEL 23 And the Fourth Depth

Bladder Function Energy resides in 4th depth and so any 4-depth flow can harmonize it.  Special Body Function (4) helps it on the manifested level. At the SEL level, use SEL 23 or its sequence that is given in T1, p. 34 to harmonize Bladder. At a deeper level, we can use Reversing and Increasing Fourth Depth [T1, p65]  to harmonize the depth directly.

Fingers and Toes

For back tension and stress, hold 4th-depth Index Fingers. Alternatively, hold the little toes where Bladder Function Energy becomes Kidney [SHIII, p. 3].