“The way is not difficult for those who have no preference.”


At 6 pm at the tip of the little toe, Bladder becomes Kidney Function Energy. It flows diagonally across the sole of the foot, wraps around the inner ankle, ascends along the innermost side of the lower leg and thigh until it reaches the rectum. At the coccyx, it crosses to the opposite side and travels along the back and front of the reproductive organ. It continues along the pubic bone, lower abdomen, and umbilicus. Then it flows up into the kidney (opposite side), down the bladder, up to the liver, then lung where it separates into two branches [TH, p. 118]. 

Part A ascends along the throat and separates into two again at the root of the tongue. One part scatters there, while the other continues ascending along the side of the nose, up the forehead, over the head, and down the back. It travels about 0.5 inches from the spine all the way to the coccyx, emerges at the front groin area, and scatters.

Part B moves from the lung through the 3rd front rib area into the heart and diaphragm where at 8 pm it becomes Diaphragm Function Energy.


Being the 8th in the 12th Body Function Energy, Kidney Function Energy is associated with Scorpio, the 8th zodiacal sign in the 12-fold Western Astrological Tradition. Kidney/Scorpio helps us overcome fear through the power to transform anything from a lower degree to a higher degree of existence.

Toe Flow

As a toe flow, Kidney Function Energy crosses over the sides at the pubic area. Left little toe Kidney Function Energy flows into the right reproductive organ and right kidney. It eventually emerges along the right side of the nose. Vertical lines above the nose may indicate Kidney Function Energy disharmony. A prominent vertical line on the right above the nose ridge will correspond to the left little Kidney Function Energy. The right-little toe Kidney Function Energy pathway mirrors the left. 

Five Element

In the five-element theory, the Wood Lung Function Energy generates Kidney which in its turn generates  Liver Function Energy. The ascending aspect of Fire,  Heart Function Energy, energizes Kidney, and the Earth Spleen contains it.

A dis-harmonized Kidney Function Energy may interfere with the Lung-Kidney energetic transformation and cause a Lung Function Energy overload. The effects can manifest as lung congestion leading to coughing and wheezing.

Alternatively, dis-harmonized Liver (3rd Depth) can prevent Kidney from transforming into it. In the pulse listening, that can show up as symptoms along the right ring finger (effect) that exhibit 3rd depth “fluff” texture (cause).

Kidney – Heart Interaction

Kidney Function Energy flows directly through the heart, as well: “… one part from third front rib flows into the heart and from the lower part of the heart flows into the diaphragm.” Thus Kidney Function Energy disharmonies can affect the heart directly. Heart discomforts are one of the eight symptoms due to Kidney Function Energy overload on page 26 of  Textbook 2. As Heart is the most protected organ of all, many heart discomforts can be due to Kidney Function Energy or other disharmonies rather than Heart itself.

“Kidney (water) and heart (fire) struggle for control and whichever overcomes the other will in time cause disharmony of body function energy to become more and more critical.” [T2,  p4]

Kidney – Bladder Interaction

The Ascending Kidney heats up, while the descending Bladder Function Energy cools off the body. One branch of Kidney and three branches of Bladder Function Energy descend parallel along the spine opposite to the Supervisor’s direction. They can intermingle at two locations and lead to disharmonies [T2, p. 38]

The Experience of Kidney Function Energy

Groin and reproductive areas

Kidney Function Energy flows directly through the groin and reproductive area and is responsible for their proper functioning. Kidney/Scorpio rules the reproductive system both in JSJ and the Western Astrology.


Diametrically opposite to Scorpio is Taurus, the 2nd zodiacal sign that rules the throat. The two are polar opposite and complement each other, two faces of one coin. One branch of Kidney flows directly through the throat [T2, p.26, 2c1]. The list of Kidney disharmonies due to overload includes dry throat and other discomforts [T2, p.26, 4b)]. 

Coughing and wheezing

“Right hand controls kidneys. It absorbs Lung Function Energy, Chases Liver Function Energy and causes disharmony” [T2, p. 4]. Kidney Function Energy directly flows into the lung organ: “… ascends to eighth rib costal cartilage into liver into pylorus, up to fourth rib into lung and separates into two…” [T2, p. 26]

Sneezing and nose bleeding

Kidney Function Energy is responsible for sneezing. Harmonizing Kidney stops long spells of sneezing

Kidney Function Energy and animal-based food

“When animal matter is partaken in large quantities, Kidney Function Energy separates into Blood Energy and Oxygen Compressed Energy”. [TII, p. 39]

Kidney breaks down the animal matter taken into the body. The strength of Kidney Function Energy can determine how much animal matter can be eaten. A strong Kidney Function Energy can withstand animal food as long as the intake is not excessive. A weakened Kidney Function Energy, on the other hand, can be overwhelmed by even small amounts of animal food. Kidney Function Energy is responsible for clearing up body toxins. During body illness, it is essential that we do not overtax Kidney’s function any further by consuming animal foods. Naturally, our body shows aversion to animal food during illnesses. 

Harmonizing Kidney Function Energy

Little Toe (and Center of Sole/SEL 6)

Kidney Function Energy begins at the little toe and crosses diagonally along the center of the sole (the bubbling well in Tai Chi Chuan). In the Movement Order of Disharmony [TII, 49], we find a sequence of Little Toe + SEL 6 that is of 4th Depth nature and can help both Kidney and Bladder. Holding little toe and SEL 6 is the harmonizing sequence for the Surface Ascending Function Energy which helps both 4th and 1st Depths.

SEL 23 And the Fourth Depth

Kidney Function Energy is part of the 4th Depth and will be automatically helped by any flows that harmonize and invigorate that depth. On the manifested level, Special Body Function No 4 balances the 4th Depth. At the SEL level, that function can be served either by opening the SEL 23 or using its harmonizing sequence given in TI, p. 34. At a deeper level, we can use Reverse and Increase 4th [TI, p. 65], or The Second Method of Correction [TI, p. 56] to bring the MCV into balance with the Supervisor and harmonize the Deep Body Function Energy.

The 5-step Harmonizing Sequence

We start the sequence by placing one hand at the beginning of Kidney Function Energy at the Little Toe and the other at the pubic area where Kidney emerges from the deep into the surface. The little toe hand next moves to the coccyx area for the next step where we keep it for the rest of the sequence. We move then onto the SELs 14, 13, and 12.


Remember to laugh.
Quiet regeneration follows.
I find my Source of Nourishment,
And Love that is All
My will is ONE with my Father’s.