The world has changed and re-arranged. Have you noticed it?

I have. Noticed the change, that is.

Nothing really fits the way it did last year. Clothes feel outdated. Gadgets and appliances break. It is easy to fall into grievances. What is the world coming to? … Or, you can see it with eyes unclouded by past habit and judgment. Wake up and see – the world is being transformed in front of our eyes!

In line with this transformation, I notice that every six months or so, my vision changes. I have new ideas, new projects, and a new vision of how to organize the disparate aspects of my life. In the current iteration, the Travelers Site is moving on to a new state of being – that of a platform for the free exchange of astrological and JSJ insights and resources.  

My classes, paid services, and news about book releases and other projects have moved on to my business site, Effortless Reality.

The Cycles Newsletter

My Newsletter has migrated to an independent platform managed through my business site, Effortless Reality.

Don’t miss my latest astrological insights wrapped up in JSJ self-help recommendations and sprinkled with announcements for upcoming events. The Newsletter goes out about two to three times a month, and if you find it too much, you can easily unsubscribe.