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Reflections on SELs 8 and 11

The 8s have been lurking at the edge of my awareness for years now. In Jin Shin Jyutsu, they are related to the magic, though I prefer to think of them as “miracle workers”. I once researched the 8s and found out that the 8-fold symmetry comes more frequently in man-made concepts and objects rather than occurring naturally. In recent months, I have found myself holding the 8s quite frequently. First, it was the morning when I held SELs 8 and 11 together while still in bed. When I lie on my side, I find it very convenient to place

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How To Harmonize SEL 14

Safety Energy Lock 14 appears frequently in my self-help lately. About a year or so ago, I decided that I did not know much about it and began harmonizing it as a form of an experiment with myself. It quickly became one of my favorite flows at night before sleep. But how is SEL 14 harmonized on oneself? I started with placing my hands over both sides SEL 14 at the bottom of my rib cage. After a while, I switched to holding opposite 14 with opposite elbow (SEL 19) as that is the anchor step for the Diaphragm Function

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Safety Energy Lock 8 for Extreme Temperatures

I’ve already written about the function of 8 in a separate post but today I wanted to revisit Safety Energy Lock 8 and especially the Special Body Function 4. The climate in Bulgaria is dry, and even though it might get well into the high 30s C (high 90s F) during the day, it gets chilly at night. The other night I was sitting outside with a couple of friends, and I felt that chill all of a sudden. So, I reached out and held my 8s (just outside my knees) for several minutes and the chattering of my teeth

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