How To Harmonize SEL 14

Safety Energy Lock 14 appears frequently in my self-help lately. About a year or so ago, I decided that I did not know much about it and began harmonizing it as a form of an experiment with myself. It quickly became one of my favorite flows at night before sleep.

But how is SEL 14 harmonized on oneself? I started with placing my hands over both sides SEL 14 at the bottom of my rib cage. After a while, I switched to holding opposite 14 with opposite elbow (SEL 19) as that is the anchor step for the Diaphragm Function Energy.

As I was holding the opposite 14 with 19 the other night, I remembered that in the SEL 14 harmonizing sequence on page 29 in Text 1, we never actually place our hands on the SEL 14 itself. The anchor step of that flow is actually holding SEL 15 and the opposite side of SEL 9. As self-help, however, that presents difficulties for most of us who cannot reach SEL 9 on the back without significant effort. So, here is what I did – I placed my left hand on the right SEL 15 and my right hand on the left SEL 19.

Now, of the three self-help variations to open SEL 14 I have practiced so far, I must admit that the last one felt the most powerful. I liked how lightness and warmth filled up the area of my SELs 14 (lower rib case) quickly and efficiently. I see now that Jiro Murai must have had some deep insights to set up SELs 15 and 9 as the anchor step for opening SEL 14.

And here are some more questions to ponder. There appears to be a relationship between Safety Energy Lock 14 and Safety Energy Lock 8, but what is it? The harmonizing sequence for SEL 14 has 8 steps. And so does the sequence for the Umbilicus, which coincidentally has as a fourth step the placement of both hands on both SEL 14. And, of the twenty-six safety energy locks, only two are harmonized through an eight-step sequence. One of them is SEL 14, but do you know which one is the other?

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