Travelers Guide To Healing

Tag: Umbilicus Function Energy

10. Moon in Capricorn – Umbilicus Function Energy

Building solidly After the expansiveness of Sagittarius, it is time to get down to earth and put in the work necessary to accomplish our goals. Capricorn – Umbilicus Function Energy helps us with that task. When in harmony, we know how to

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How To Harmonize SEL 14

Safety Energy Lock 14 appears frequently in my self-help lately. About a year or so ago, I decided that I did not know much about it and began harmonizing it as a form of an experiment with myself. It quickly

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Umbilicus Function Energy for Regeneration

If you feel embattled and in a need of renewal, healing, or regeneration why not give yourself the Umbilicus Function Energy harmonizing sequence? Here are some things to consider about Umbilicus Function Energy and its harmonization. In her Text 2,

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