Umbilicus Function Energy for Regeneration

If you feel embattled and in a need of renewal, healing, or regeneration why not give yourself the Umbilicus Function Energy harmonizing sequence?

Here are some things to consider about Umbilicus Function Energy and its harmonization.

In her Text 2, Mary Burmeister included only two self-help sequences for the organ flows. One is the Bladder self-help on page 24, and the other is Umbilicus on p. 31.

In the book “Touch of Healing”, Alice Burmeister calls the Umbilicus Function Energy “Guardian of all the organs”. Umbilicus certainly helps all Ascending Flows and governs the day-part of the 24-hr cycle, but why all? At the end of Text 2, we learn that Umbilicus is closely connected with the energy we breathe and the energy we eat and its distribution to all other function energy.

Umbilicus is one of the three finger function energy, which brings renewal and regeneration.

Keep your Umbilicus Function Energy harmonized and everyone will be well provided! Umbilicus also governs the time of the day between 10 pm and 12 am. So, here is one more reason for us to go to bed no later than 10 pm 🙂

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