Safety Energy Lock 2: Wisdom, Breathing, Legs, and What They All Have in Common

It has occurred to me that I have never considered Safety Energy Lock 2 on its own merit. Every time when I have heard about it or thought of using it, it has always been as a companion to Safety Energy Lock 1. You know, like the one of a pair – exhale vs. inhale, front vs back, descending vs. ascending, etc. But what does it really do on its own?

I have to admit that my investigations actually turned up more questions than answers. First, there seems to be a very strong relationship between 2 and 6. The anchor step of the adjustment sequence for opening SEL 2 includes holding SELs 2 and 6 together. On that note, the Second Method Correction also begins with the holding of a 2 and 6 – only in that case it is SELs 2 and 15 (15 reducing to another 6 numerically, 1+5 = 6). And come to think of it, only last month, I wrote about how I harmonized both aspects of the entire second depth by holding SELs 6 and 15. So, there is the case of 6 helping 2!

Have you noticed how much the adjustment sequence for SEL 2 is about the leg? In the first 3 steps, we hold consequently SELs 6, 8, and 5. In the last two weeks, every time I’ve felt any discomforts in my legs and feet, I’ve been able to help myself by simply holding SEL 2 alone or together with SEL 15. That came as a total shock to me – there was nothing in the Text 1 notes about legs, until I found Mary Burmeister’s words in her Self Help books (SH2, p14). There, she directly tells us that SEL 2 aids breathing, leg discomforts, digestion, etc.

Apparently, SEL 2 is the common factor for such disparate aspects as breathing, leg discomforts, and digestion. Now, I look with new eyes at the famous “Breathing” flow (T1, p. 22) where once again we have all the SELs 2, 6, 8, and 15, involved?

Here are some more questions to ponder. Have you noticed that both SEL 2 and the 2nd Method have harmonizing sequences consisting of 7 steps (T1, p.16 and p. 56)? Notice how SEL 2 is presented on page 16 (another hidden 7 = 1 +6). And, we open SEL 7 by holding the ring finger, the finger of the 2nd depth! And why would the last two steps of both sequences (SEL2 and the 2nd Method) be SELs 3 and 4? What do Wisdom and Seeing Through the Creator’s Eyes, the functions of SEL 2, have to do with its physical aid to the legs and breathing? Questions, questions, questions…

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