Safety Energy Lock 4: Measuring Intelligence

Which flow can help if you are trying to make a decision? Usually, we would think of the Bladder Function as the 7th in the 12-fold diurnal Division and thus the JSJ Function Energy that corresponds to the astrological Libra. If you are trying to make a decision by weighing the pros and cons, however, there might be a more efficient alternative to the Bladder Function Energy.

In her Self-Help Book 2 on page 18, Mary Burmeister calls Safety Energy Lock 4 “Measuring Intelligence” and expounds further “… measuring out to each body energy function all its needs from the exhaustless abundance of our Source”. So, why not tap to the Safety Energy Lock 4’s function and harmonize it. An open SEL 4 will certainly allow you to weigh the alternatives and decide what to do. It will help you know just the right amount of action you need to take, neither more nor less. You will be measuring out to each all their needs.

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