Safety Energy Lock 6 Harmonizes Lung and Large Intestine in the Pulses

What would you do if you feel indication in the left index finger on both superficial and deep level while listening to the pulses? The left index finger relates to the second depth with the superficial level corresponding to the exhaling aspect of it, Large Intestine, and the deep level – to the inhaling aspect of it, Lung. The pulses in all other fingers and levels felt even and not as loud as the left index finger.

I might have done Reversing and Increasing of 2nd depth, or the First Method of Correction, or 13 flow, or a 10 flow. My intuition, however, pointed in the direction of Safety Energy Lock 6. And lo and behold! After 10 min or so of holding the same side Safety Energy Locks 15 and 6, the pulses all evened out and showed harmony.

So, what is the relationship between 6 and the Lung and Large Intestine Function Energy? The first thing that came to mind was that SEL 6 is called the Governor of Respiration – so it naturally relates to the breathing process which itself relates to the Second Depth. On second glance, I noticed more interesting things. Both Lung and Large Intestine harmonizing sequences had six steps (T2, pp 10-13). And the Safety Energy Lock 6 in itself lies within the Second Depth.

So, there it is – at least three different relationships connecting SEL 6 to the Lung and Large Intestine Function Energy. And let’s not forget that I held SELs 6 and 15 together. Naturally, 15 reduces to 6 (1+5) and has to partake in the nature of that number.

In the table of the 12 flows handed out in most of the 5-Day classes, SEL 15 appears as a common denominator for the chest flows, Lung, Heart, and Diaphragm. I’ve always wondered how SEL 15 is related to the Lung. I mean, I can see how SEL 15 helps the Heart, and possibly the Diaphragm, but the Lung Function Energy? Perhaps, this is my answer. If the Lung resonates with the function of 6, SEL 15 is the closest “6” to the chest area, the other two 6’s being at the foot.

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