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Listening To the Pulses

I’d like to de-mystify pulse listening today. As beginners, we are all intimidated by the subjectivity of pulse listening. One person hears loud indication in one finger, another practitioner notices lack of pulsation in other fingers. Add the Lines, Textures, Organ Functions, and Depths, and things appear quite complicated. There is also no easy way for the JSJ instructors to transfer their ability and skills to their students – the pulses change from moment to moment and person to person. So, what are we to do? Don’t give up on pulse listening just yet! I’d say, just listen to the

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Brothers and Sisters

My son is the older and usually quiet. My daughter is the younger and usually exuberant and loud. Appearances, however, can be frequently misleading. In the ten years or more that I have been a parent, I have learned not to go for the obvious. I have noticed that whenever my daughter screams the loudest, her brother invariably is somewhere near. He is either teasing, provoking, egging her on, or simply quietly saying contrary things just to get a reaction. As a sane mom of two, therefore, I have long ago set up a policy to treat them as a

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Safety Energy Lock 6 Harmonizes Lung and Large Intestine in the Pulses

What would you do if you feel indication in the left index finger on both superficial and deep level while listening to the pulses? The left index finger relates to the second depth with the superficial level corresponding to the exhaling aspect of it, Large Intestine, and the deep level – to the inhaling aspect of it, Lung. The pulses in all other fingers and levels felt even and not as loud as the left index finger. I might have done Reversing and Increasing of 2nd depth, or the First Method of Correction, or 13 flow, or a 10 flow.

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