Safety Energy Lock 19 and the Power to Stand Your Ground

“If you had to learn one flow …”, says Wayne Hackett, but opening SEL 19 through the Hi 19Hi 1 sequence might as well be your one flow. Holding your upper arm with the opposite thigh is a very powerful hold and I have already written a post about it. What I want to write about now is the Safety Energy Lock 19, itself.

Beyond the long list of physical aspects of it, the function of the Safety Energy Lock 19 on the mental level is about Authority and Leadership. Open and harmonized, it helps us navigate through situations when we feel out of control, when we need to stand our ground, or simply to empower ourselves.

And here is a question for you, my readers. What do you think will happen if a person held their 19s but they already had power and strength, perhaps too much? Will they become even more powerful and dominant over others?

The answer, actually, is no, they won’t! If someone is already too powerful, borderline tyranical, harmonizing SEL 19 will actually bring them back to balance. They will be less authoritarian and rigid and commanding. Come to think of it, SEL 19 is also about Perfect Balance in Mary Burmeister’s own words. [SH 2, p. 49]

I love the art of Jin Shin Jyutsu for its simplicity and beauty, but also for its philosophy. When we harmonize our energetic circulation through Jin Shin Jyutsu, we don’t take away, or add up to things. The Jin Shin Jyutsu application balances and equalizes: it takes away from what is too much and gives to what is less. It reminds me of the Hexagram No.15, Modesty, from the Book of Changes.

The Creative acts to empty what is full and to offer abundance to what is modest.

The I Ching, translated by Brian Browne Walker

And therein lies the reason of why there are no wrong flows in Jin Shin Jyutsu! 🙂

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