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Safety Energy Lock 19 and the Power to Stand Your Ground

“If you had to learn one flow …”, says Wayne Hackett, but opening SEL 19 through the Hi 19 – Hi 1 sequence might as well be your one flow. Holding your upper arm with the opposite thigh is a very powerful hold and I have already written a post about it. What I want to write about now is the Safety Energy Lock 19, itself. Beyond the long list of physical aspects of it, the function of the Safety Energy Lock 19 on the mental level is about Authority and Leadership. Open and harmonized, it helps us navigate through

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Hi 19 with Hi 1

If you had to choose ONE flow… Anyone who has taken a class with Wayne Hackett knows the joke. If you had to choose one flow…and then follow all the flows that there are.  🙂  Joking aside, holding High 19 with High 1 is easily one of the top contenders for the ONE flow.  First of all, it is short and easy. Place your left hand on the right High 19 while you place your right hand on the left High 1. Or, vice versa. It’s an awesome flow to hold while sitting in a chair: in a meeting, at

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