Nothing Is Ever What It Appears To Be

I’ve been listening to my pulses quite a bit lately. So, last night they appeared all quiet and calm except for the left index finger on the deep level. Now, we all know that that position corresponds to the Lung Function Energy. And yet, I harmonized the Large Intestine Function Energy by placing my right hand on my right SEL 11 and held my right index finger with my left hand. I held it for about 10-15 minutes and then listened to my pulses again. They had evened out completely!

Do you wonder what I am wondering?


In my original post that was mailed out I had mis-typed that the indication was on the superficial level which indeed is the Large Intestine indicator and would have made “sense” to be harmonized with Large Intestine. Yet, the correct indicator that I heard in my pulses was actually index finger on the deep level (Lung) and so the puzzle remains about why Large Intestine was the harmonizer of that indicator.

I’ve already corrected the text above to reflect that.

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  1. GV

    I can’t figure it out…. more hints? 🙂

  2. Hi GV,

    The thing is that I had this insight to do the Large Intestine and not the Lung and I didn’t know where it came from and why it would be so. My conventional wisdom (based on my experience and knowledge from the JSJ seminars) would have told me to do Lung, or listen for the texture of the pulses and go with that depth, use the 5-Element theory, or do something else like that. You know, logical, reasonable and with a rational explanation! And yet, it was the Large Intestine (for which I had no explanation) that did calm my pulses. Of all the stories I’ve heard, I could remember only Wayne saying something similar once about Diaphragm vs. Umbilicus. I searched through my notes and recordings but couldn’t find it, unfortunately.

    And yet, It happened on two other occasions that same week and left me totally at sea. Just the next day, my pulses indicated Small Intestine but it was the Heart that harmonized my pulses. And I had a situation where I would have thought Umbilicus would help but it was the Diaphragm that did it. So, at this point – I am just wondering of what is going on?

    And if things are never the way they appear – why bother at all with the appearance? Why study body reading? Or, why bother with the specifics in the pulses – fingers, depths, textures, and the like. Just find a reliable way to tap into your intuition and that’s that….. Or, it could be simply my rational left brain being upset that I am using more and more my right intuitive side 🙂

    1. GV

      Cool! A good reminder to trust your intuition…. 🙂

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