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The Twelve-fold Function Energy

If you are battling a sore throat harmonizing the Small Intestine Function Energy is a good way to go. Or, if your back is only so-so today, the sequence for the Bladder Function Energy will probably be among your top choices. But what if you were to use the aspects of the Twelve-fold Function Energy to help yourself with mental or emotional processes. Here is how to go about it.

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Brothers and Sisters

My son is the older and usually quiet. My daughter is the younger and usually exuberant and loud. Appearances, however, can be frequently misleading. In the ten years or more that I have been a parent, I have learned not to go for the obvious. I have noticed that whenever my daughter screams the loudest, her brother invariably is somewhere near. He is either teasing, provoking, egging her on, or simply quietly saying contrary things just to get a reaction. As a sane mom of two, therefore, I have long ago set up a policy to treat them as a

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Nothing Is Ever What It Appears To Be

I’ve been listening to my pulses quite a bit lately. So, last night they appeared all quiet and calm except for the left index finger on the deep level. Now, we all know that that position corresponds to the Lung Function Energy. And yet, I harmonized the Large Intestine Function Energy by placing my right hand on my right SEL 11 and held my right index finger with my left hand. I held it for about 10-15 minutes and then listened to my pulses again. They had evened out completely! Do you wonder what I am wondering? Correction! In my

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