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Listening To the Pulses

I’d like to de-mystify pulse listening today. As beginners, we are all intimidated by the subjectivity of pulse listening. One person hears loud indication in one finger, another practitioner notices lack of pulsation in other fingers. Add the Lines, Textures, Organ Functions, and Depths, and things appear quite complicated. There is also no easy way for the JSJ instructors to transfer their ability and skills to their students – the pulses change from moment to moment and person to person. So, what are we to do? Don’t give up on pulse listening just yet! I’d say, just listen to the

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Nothing Is Ever What It Appears To Be

I’ve been listening to my pulses quite a bit lately. So, last night they appeared all quiet and calm except for the left index finger on the deep level. Now, we all know that that position corresponds to the Lung Function Energy. And yet, I harmonized the Large Intestine Function Energy by placing my right hand on my right SEL 11 and held my right index finger with my left hand. I held it for about 10-15 minutes and then listened to my pulses again. They had evened out completely! Do you wonder what I am wondering? Correction! In my

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Listen Only for Harmony

So many people are intimidated by the pulse listening in Jin Shin Jyutsu. I would know. I was once one of them and thought pulse listening was only for the advanced practitioners. It doesn’t have to be like that, however! “Listen only for harmony”, says Mary Burmeister and gently reminds us not to get bogged down into too many details. Why worry about fingers and depths and textures and lines and what not. When things get too much or too complicated, go back to simplicity. So, here is something very simple and practical you can do if you wish to

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