Listening to pulses is very subjective. My personal experience is that the Universe will “speak” to me in any way I am prepared to “listen” for it.  All I have to do is pay attention and trust myself.

It is normal that one person hears one thing, while another hears something totally different. The pulses themselves also change from one moment to the next. You can never know the full picture and so judgment as to what is correct or not is totally meaningless.  Just accept what you feel and do not attempt to analyze it.

So cheer up –  no need to give up on pulse listening altogether in dismay.  Have fun instead!

The Basic Language Of Pulse Listening

Where And How To Place Your Hands

I like to listen to the pulses on myself. I wrap my left hand around my right wrist (see the picture) while keeping the tips of my index, middle, and ring finger even. I reverse for the other hand.

There many reasons why you might not hear the pulses in the beginning. Here are a few factors that affect pulse listening. Breathe calmly. Relax your hands and fingers. You might be applying too much pressure.

What To Listen For

Now, as you have your fingers wrapped around the wrist, relax and feel the pulsations in your “listening” fingers. That is the superficial pulse. Then, twist your wrist inwardly a bit to increase slightly the pressure and listen again for the pulsation. That will be the deep pulse.

There are many things to listen for. Have no doubts – any question that you might ask will be answered.

In the beginning, we naturally focus on the individual sensations in our fingers. Some people are drawn to what is loudest in the pulse, while others focus on the absence of sensation or the quietude in some of the fingers. It doesn’t really matter whichever way you decide to follow. My advice is – pick one way and go with it. Be open to the answers. And here are some of the questions that you might ask.


You can ask for left versus right side and see to which side your attention is drawn.  That is plain old duality for you and you will be playing with the Supervisors: exhale vs. inhale, left vs. right, past vs. present, etc. There are many polarities.

You can also pay attention to the superficial pulses versus the deep pulses. The superficial pulses relate to the front of the body, descending energy, and exhaling processes. The deep pulses relate to the back of the body, ascending energy, and inhaling processes.

Please note that if you are listening to your own pulses, comparing left and right might be problematic if you listen to your pulses one side at a time. I saw a video once of Mary Burmeister listening to her own pulses both sides simultaneously, but it feels awkward to me. So, I continue to hold one hand at a time, and usually avoid Duality questions.

Triplicity: Bust, Waist, and Hip Line

You can also group your fingers in three categories: Bust, Waist and Hip Line.  Both Index fingers regardless of the superficial or deep pulse will indicate the Bust Line. The Middle fingers correspond to the Waist Line and the Ring fingers – to the Hip Line.

If you add the duality of superficial vs. deep, then you will have six options to choose from. For instance, you can be drawn to the Bust line (both Index fingers) in the superficial pulse and choose to harmonize SEL 13. Or, if you are drawn to the Bust line in the deep pulse, then you might choose to use the SEL 10 sequence. If you “hear” Bust line in both pulses (deep and superficial), then you will have a choice between SEL 4  which “rules” both SELs 13 and 10 (see T1, p. 18), and the First Method Correction.

Six Depths And Twelve Body Function Energy

The three “listening” fingers on both hands correspond to one depth. For your right hand, the Index, Middle, and Ring fingers correspond to 5th, 3rd, and 4th Depths, respectively. In your left hand, the Index, Middle, and Ring fingers correspond to 2nd, 1st, and 6th Depth. The superficial pulse corresponds to the exhaling aspect of the energy, so that the right Index, Middle, and Ring fingers in the superficial pulse will correspond to the 5-D Small Intestine, 3-Depth Gall Bladder, and 4-D Bladder Function Energy.  The same fingers in the deep pulse will indicate 5-D Heart, 3-D Liver, and 4-D Kidney Function Energy.  Similarly for the left hand, the Index, Middle, and Ring fingers can distinguish between  5-D Large Intestine versus Lung, 1-D Stomach versus Spleen, and 6-D Diaphragm versus Umbilicus.

Here is a list of the fingers with their depths and exhaling/inhaling aspects of the 12-Fold Body Function Energy.

Superficial Pulse
Deep Pulse
Right Hand
Index Finger
5 DepthSmall IntestineHeart
Right Hand
Middle finger
3 DepthGall BladderLiver
Right Hand
Ring Finger
4 DepthBladderKidney
Left Hand
Index Finger
2 DepthLarge IntestineLung
Left Hand
Middle Finger
1 DepthStomachSpleen
Left Hand
Ring Finger
6 DepthDiaphragmUmbilicus

If you feel ready to combine them all and ask more questions at a time, here is a quick reference guide for all that you can listen for: duality, bust-waist-hip line, depths, and body function energy.

For example, imagine your attention is drawn to the right Ring Finger, on the receiver’s left wrist.  If that happened on the superficial level, it is an indication of Bladder Function Energy. On the deep level, it is Kidney. If the indicators showed ring finger in both superficial and deep pulse, then you can work with the depth and use perhaps the Reversing and Increasing of Fourth Depth.

Notice how you listen to the descending flows at the superficial level, and the ascending flows at the deep level. Only, the Diaphragm and Umbilicus are inverted. Even though the Diaphragm is an ascending flow (chest to finger), it governs all the descending flows in the body.  Similarly, Umbilicus is a descending flow (finger to face) but it governs all ascending flows.

“Listen only for harmony”

And the best way to listen for pulses? Drop all the questions, and just listen for the harmony of the pulsations. Imagine you are at a concert and listening to the orchestra of pulses.  Is something amiss? What can you do to bring about harmony? The question here is open-ended and many of us end up second-guessing and doubting the thoughts that come to mind as answers.  Especially since the answers here can come in many forms. You might have an idea to give Left Supervisor. Or perhaps, for some un-explicable reason, you feel like opening the SEL 4. Or, you might be inspired to give the Bladder flow even though you might not know why.

Here are a few things I did to keep my feet steady on the ground while listening to pulses. I listened before and after and paid attention to the difference in the pulsation. If an idea came to mind – I got on with it without dwelling too much on my doubts. I promised myself that if I changed my mind, I could always apply some other harmonizing sequence. And I did – as soon as some other idea popped into my mind. When I worked on close friends, I also frequently stopped and listened to the pulses in between.

Quality of Pulses

The quality of pulsation reveals how the 7-Depth Light circulates within the manifestation. Pulses can show how receptive one is to the Light, or how well one utilizes and expresses that Light.  Each type of pulsation comes with its unique combination of intensity, rhythm, and texture, and corresponds to a specific set of conditions. [….more. about the quality…]


I used to feel extremely intimidated by the pulses. Were they really as I thought? What if my fingers were not placed in the correct manner? And how would I know what my intuition told me?  Even worse, what if I did not have intuition?  Without intuition how could I practice! And without practice, how can I build intuition! [ …. more on how to play with pulse listening ….]