I used to feel extremely intimidated by the pulses. Were they really as I thought? What if my fingers were not placed in the correct manner? And how would I know what my intuition told me?  Even worse, what if I did not have intuition?  Without intuition how could I practice! And without practice, how can I build intuition!

In the end, I just decided to focus on the before and after state of the pulse instead of fretting about the state of my intuition. So, I began to listen to pulses again. Still, sometimes I felt so many indicators that my head spun: I could do this flow, and that flow, and every other flow. I was sinking into complexity that did not do justice to the beauty and simplicity of the art. There had to be a flow that could bring back harmony in a most efficient manner!

To keep it simple and yet practice and gain experience, I decided to play a puzzle game that I called “which one flow to help them all?” Most are about the pulses, but occasionally, you could see other indicators.

Here is a quick reference to the 12 Body Function Energy in the fingers. The Bust, Waist, and Hip lines are indicated via the index, middle, and ring fingers.  Also, the superficial listening is about the exhaling aspect (descending energy, down the front), and the deep listening relates to the inhaling aspect (ascending energy, up the back). See the Pulses page for more details.

Puzzles: Find ONE flow that helps all

For each situation below,  find one flow that helps all that you hear in the pulses.

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