First Depth
“Get Set for Manifestation”

The primary intention of First Depth is to “get set for manifestation”. It is about establishing healthy boundaries within which to manifest. Its organ functions are Stomach and Spleen Function Energy. The attitude of worry prevents the Mediator from harmonizing First Depth and the effects show in the surface skin.

Worry is when we constantly busy ourselves with things in life. We run to and fro, doing this and that, constantly fretting over something, our mind spins and spins. “Worry makes you feel important,” says Mary Burmeister [WMS]. It relates to fear to be still. There is always something else to be done – a permanent excuse to not stop and listen and hear the Voice within.

Harmonized First Depth bestows peaceful mind and healthy boundaries. To harmonize First Depth:

  • Hold the Thumb
  • Hold one after another the Thumb, Middle Finger, and Little Finger [SH1, p.22]
  • Reversе and Increasing of First Depth [T1, p. 62]
  • Quickie: Deep 6+Little Toe. This is a variation of Movement Order of Disharmony Harmonizing Sequence [T2, p. 49]. Use it as a self-help/quickie for Reversing and Increasing of First Depth.
  • Hold SELs 1 and 2: Place the right hand on R2 and the left hand on R1, reverse for the left side.

The Safety Energy Locks Within 1st Depth

The Safety Energy Locks of 1st Depth

Safety Energy Lock #1 The Prime Mover, General Practitioner

“Prime mover, connecting the extreme height with the extreme depth.” [SH2, p. 12]


Safety Energy Lock 1 is located at the inner (medial) side of the knee.

High 1 refers to a position about a hand’s breadth above the regular SEL 1. Hi 1 – Hi 19 is a powerful hold to help SELs located on the upper back. It is also a quickie and self-help for the Mediator and can clear up congestions in the breasts.


General Practitioner, Prime Mover, Self-consciousness

Meaning and Function

“Unity is the Law of the Creator,” says M. Burmeister. Number 1 reminds us of that Unity.

Safety Energy Lock 1 is about beginnings.  If you do not know how to start, begin by harmonizing SEL 1. SEL 1 helps all 1st Depth projects such as abdominal distress, digestion, stomach, spleen, pancreas projects.

Safety Energy Lock 1 helps the exhaling processes and the descending energetic flows. SEL 1 helps breathing and can clear up head discomforts. In the words of Mary Burmeister, “In man, it connects the toes with the head […] and the head with the toes […]” [SH 2, p. 12]. By opening SEL 1, any energy stuck above the waistline will resume its harmonious descent.

Safety Energy Lock 1 is considered the birthplace of the Supervisors.

To open

  • Hold the Thumb
  • Place your hands on the opposite SEL 1
  • SELs 1-2. Place the left hand on the right knee and the right hand on the right hip. Reverse for the opposite side: right hand on left knee and left hand on left hip. [SH 2, p. 13]
  • 3-step Harmonizing sequence [T1, p. 15]

Further Commentary

We are all One. When you find yourself competing, comparing, or generally focussing on what others are doing, open SEL 1 to remind yourself of our Unity. If there is only One of us, of whom could you possibly be envious?

Holding Safety Energy Locks 1 and 2 in combination is powerful and effective way to alleviate abdominal discomfort.

Safety Energy Lock #2 Wisdom

“Life Force for all creatures (wisdom) – KNOW MYSELF IT IS” [SH2, p. 14]


Safety Energy Lock 2 is located on the back above the hip bone.


Chiropractor. Adjustment specialist. “Seeing Through the Creator’s Eyes”. 

Meaning and Function

Safety Energy Lock 2 helps digestion especially in combination with Safety Energy Lock 1. It also helps any tension and discomforts down the legs. It helps hips and any skeletal adjustments.

To open

Further Commentary

Number 2 is about duality. It’s the number of our dualistic universe. It is about yin and yang, left and right, exhaling and inhaling and anything that comes in pairs. As a symbol of our dualistic world, it helps the physical body on a direct level – hence the hip adjustments and other chiropractic adjustments effect of open SEL 2.

The adjustment sequence for SEL 2 can help harmonize the 5th-Depth Heart and Small Intestine Function Energy. If the pulses indicate disharmony in the right index finger (both superficial and deep), give SEL 2 Harmonizing sequence and see how it harmonizes them.

Safety Energy Lock #3 Understanding, Relationship, The Door


Safety Energy Lock 3 is located near the tip of the scapula (shoulder blade) at the area of thoracic vertebrae 2 and 3 (TV 2 and 3). Since Safety Energy Lock 11 is in the area of TV 1, both SELs appear in close proximity and frequently are held together.

Meaning and Function

Safety Energy Locks 3  means “Understanding” and “Door”. It serves as a defense in any circumstances. It is very powerful to boost immunity and help fight against illnesses but don’t forget to open SEL 15 first [see the top of page 17, T1].

If you find yourself in a difficult and threatening situation, opening SEL 3 will give you the opportunity to stop, regroup and change the course of events. As a “Door” it both opens to the new and beneficial and closes to protect against the harmful.

Safety Energy Lock 3 is about relationships – between in and out, inhale-exhale, to balance rhythmic processes. To walk the middle path.  Interestingly, Text 1, page 3 talks about the Three: Main Central, Supervisor and Mediator, and their relationships. SEL 3 is also the location where the Mediator begins.

Safety Energy Lock 3 also helps groin and foot congestions [SH 2, p. 16]. Text 1, p. 17 directs us to open SEL 15 before applying the harmonizing sequence that opens SEL 3. During a session, the receiver can hold SEL 15 while the practitioner applies the sequence for opening SEL 3. SEL 3 is always helpful anytime when we have difficulty breathing or are suffering from fever or other cold symptoms.

Safety Energy Lock 3 is considered the respiratory specialist as opposed to SEL 6, the Respiratory Governor. SEL 3 can be opened by holding the Middle Finger.

To open

  • Hold shoulders (SEL 3) [SH 2, p. 16]. Just place the right hand on the left shoulder and the left hand on the right shoulder.
  • Same side SEL 3 and SEL 15 [SH 2, p. 17]. Place the left hand on the right shoulder and right hand in the right groin area. For the left side, reverse, by placing the right hand on the left shoulder and left hand in the left groin.
  • Hold Middle Finger
  • 6-step Harmonizing Sequence [T1, p. 19]

Further Commentary

When I missed a step and twisted my ankle, I did the adjustment sequence for SEL 3 and the relief was immediate and noticeable.

Safety Energy Lock #4 The Window

Measuring Intelligence. The Weaving Princess. The General Manager.


Safety Energy Lock 4 is located at the base of the skull, on both sides of the top cervical vertebra (CV 1). Occasionally, some adjustment sequences call for High 4, which is marked on the picture here and is slightly above the regular SEL 4.

Meaning and Function

Safety Energy Lock 4 and its High counterpart

Safety Energy Lock came into the universe meaning “Measuring Intelligence, measuring out to each body energy function all its needs from the exhaustless abundance of our Source”, says Mary Burmeister in her self-help textbooks [SH2, p. 18]. It is not surprising, then, that SEL 4 is called the General Manager – it oversees every body function energy and measures its needs and ensures that they are met.

You can see its overseeing and managerial function directly on page 18 of Text 1, There, above the adjustment sequence for the Right Flow, a note tells us that the state of SEL 4 affects directly SELs 13 and 10. On that note, SEL 12 affects SELs 9 and 14, and SEL 11 affects SELs 2 and 15, on the same page. The division corresponds to the Bust, Waist, and Hipline, respectively, and you can use it in the pulses. Here is more information on the 3-fold Division and the lines in the body.

We can use the Note on p.18 to open SELs 13 and 10 simultaneously by simply applying the harmonizing sequence for SEL 4. Incidentally, if you look at the adjustment sequence for SEL 4, it utilizes both SEL 13 (in the anchor steps) and SEL 10 (step 6)

Harmonized/open Safety Energy Lock 4 helps insomnia, head discomforts, eye, throat, and leg tension/stress according to Mary Burmeister [SH2, p. 18]. My favorite flow to help my tired eyes (from too much computer screen every day) is to hold Hi4 with the opposite SEL 21. Apply the sequence for both sides before falling asleep at night and see how refreshed your eyes fell when you wake up.

By the way, have you noticed that SEL 4 appears on page 18 in both the Self-Help Book 2 and Textbook 1 in Mary Burmeister’s notes. So, here are some questions to ponder: What is the relation between SEL 4 and the numbers 18 and 9?

To open

Further Commentary

If you need to make a decision, or weigh the pros and cons of a situation, harmonizing SEL 4 might be just the thing. As its name “Measuring Intelligence” suggests, it knows how to measure right for everything in every situation.

One of the functions of SEL 4 is to be the bridge between the spiritual and material level. To further emphasize its bridge function on many levels, it is SEL 4 that allows us to use the Safety Energy Locks in the front as a substitute for those hard to reach in the back. Anyone who has worked with a heavy or immobile person knows that if SEL 9 is difficult to reach, one alternative is to place your hand on the opposite side SEL 14. And the reason that the correspondence is between the opposite sides is that during their circulation the Left and Right Supervisor Circulation Patterns actually cross sides in the area between SEL 4 and then cross back to their corresponding sides at SEL 15. Thus, the function energy along the left SELs 9, 10, 3, 11, and 12 will appear as the function energy down the right SELs 13, 14, and 15 and then continue back along the left leg SELs 1, 5, etc.

As a bridge between the material and spiritual level, and as the Measuring Intelligence that measures to each organ its needs, Safety Energy Lock 4 is invariably affected in people who have fallen in a coma. To help those stuck in between the worlds, the best way to do it, according to Wayne Hackett, is to start with steps 5 and 6 and make them our anchor step. Then, we backtrace steps 4-3-2-1 of SEL 4:

Left Flow (sitting on the right)

  1. Left on L10 and Right on L22
  2. Left on L15
  3. Left on L7
  4. Left on L1
  5. Left on L13
  6. Right on L4

Safety Energy Lock 4 obviously resonates with the function of number 4 and is in close relation to the Fourth Depth, which by the way, has a primary intent to “Be the Bridge Between the Material and Energetic Bodies”.