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1. Moon in Aries – Lung Function Energy

Time to Express Ourselves Aries – Lung Function Energy is about expressing ourselves. It is an energy that centers around ourselves – our wellbeing, our drive to do things, what we want, and how we go about it. Out of harmony with this energy, we become self-centered and brash to the detriment of others. Or, we lose the courage to stand up for ourselves. As always, the best place is to be in the middle. And harmonious Aries – Lung will give us just that – the right mixture between standing for ourselves without encroaching on others. To benefit from

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Making Ourselves Visible And Heard

So many of us feel disempowered or silenced nowadays. It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking of ourselves as invisible at best and victims at worst. And yes, the temptation is to point the finger outward to the world and blame it, but there isn’t much we can do about that. So why not do something that we can – harmonize Lung Function Energy. To Harmonize Left Side Place the left hand on the bottom of the rib cage on the left side (at SEL 14). Place the right hand on the left collarbone (at SEL 22).

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Safety Energy Lock 6 Harmonizes Lung and Large Intestine in the Pulses

What would you do if you feel indication in the left index finger on both superficial and deep level while listening to the pulses? The left index finger relates to the second depth with the superficial level corresponding to the exhaling aspect of it, Large Intestine, and the deep level – to the inhaling aspect of it, Lung. The pulses in all other fingers and levels felt even and not as loud as the left index finger. I might have done Reversing and Increasing of 2nd depth, or the First Method of Correction, or 13 flow, or a 10 flow.

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