Diaphragm Function Energy


At 8 pm, Kidney becomes Diaphragm Function Energy at the location of our diaphragm. The left flows out of the diaphragm, into the heart, back into the third rib and then separates into two parts. The descending branch circulates the stomach, continues to descend to about an inch below the umbilicus and scatters into the small intestine [T2, p. 28, 2a]

The ascending branch [T2, p. 28, 2b] emerges to the surface from the third rib to the side of the left breast. It continues under the arm, up along the arm through the front elbow to the center of the palm where it separates into two parts. One part flows to the tip of the middle finger, while the other flows to the inner side of the ring finger and circulates the tip of the nail. There at 10 pm, it becomes the Umbilicus Function Energy.

The path of the right Diaphragm Function Energy mirrors the left flow.

There is a strong correspondence between the Diaphragm Function Energy and Saggitarius, both being the 9th part of a 12-fold division. Together with the Lung and Heart Function Energy, the Diaphragm is a chest flow and bestows vitality to the body.

Note that the Diaphragm Function Energy is an ascending flow, yet it oversees all descending flows, and we listen for it at the deep (ascending) level in pulse reading. Together with the Umbilicus (Tripple Burner/Warmer in TCM), it forms the sixth energetic depth.


The Diaphragm Function Energy rules any night/sleep project literally and figuratively speaking. If you wake up disturbed by a bad dream, harmonizing the Diaphragm will help you get over the anxious and disturbing feelings.

Diaphragm FE is also related to any blood composition projects. It can help with hips and thigh discomforts through its relationship to Sagittarius. It is the flow the governs all Descending/Exhaling flows. Anything stuck up in the waist (particularly in the SEL 14 area to which it has a very deep relation) can be helped by harmonizing the Diaphragm Function Energy. In the Eastern traditions, it is called “The Emperor’s Right Hand”, and indeed, we see on the body level that the organ of the Diaphragm protects our physical heart. Many times, heart discomforts are actually issues with the Diaphragm and can be helped by simply harmonizing the Diaphragm Function Energy. See the symptoms for disharmonies of the Diaphragm Function Energy in Text 2, p. 28 – heart pulsations, palm feverish, flushed face, pricking pain in the heart area – they all look very similar to what we typically associate with heart discomfort in the body.

The Diaphragm’s harmony is essential for a healthy elbow. Any elbow project at any time is helped by harmonizing the Diaphragm Function Energy.

Diaphragm Body Function Energy has to do with Light and how we take it in the body according to Wayne Hackett. It helps with our spiritual evolution (compare with Umbilicus which is the guardian of the physical body). It can be very helpful with Jet Lag – to regulate our sleep since it is the guardian of all sleep and dreams.

As a chest flow, Diaphragm can bring vitality to the body. It can also bring enthusiasm on the emotional and mental level through its correspondence to Sagittarius. It calms down both the body and the pulses and can bring serenity according to Iole Lebenzstajn. Diaphragm also helps with metabolism and any blood chemistry projects.

Harmonizing Diaphragm Function Energy

Opposite SEL 14 and SEL 19

A short and quick way to help Diaphragm is to simply hold the opposite SELs 14 and 19. For instance, place your right hand on the left SEL 14 and the left hand on the right SEL 19. Reverse for the other side.

Hand and fingers

Hold the palm of your hand which corresponds to the sixth depth. Or, alternatively, you can hold the middle finger and then the ring finger since the Diaphragm Function Energy flows directly through those two fingers.

SELs 11 and 25

Another quick self-help option is to hold SELs 11 and 25 which is the first part of the quickie/self-help sequence for harmonizing of the Supervisor.

Known to help in cases of…

Sleep disharmonies can be helped by Diaphragm. If you work at night and sleep during the day, Diaphragm Function Energy can help you remain in balance and harmony.

Elbow projects of any kind.

Discomforts in the SEL 14 area.

Jet lag.