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Maintain Us and Sustain Us

Let’s remember our Source of Nourishment and Sustenance today! In Jin Shin Jyutsu, we hold Safety Energy Lock 14 to remind ourselves that we are provided and sustained at any given instant. No matter how bad the politicians act, how scary the evening news has become, or how stressful our day has been! And so, we open Safety Energy Lock 14 while giving thanks for what we have. Here are some of my favorite ways to open SEL 14. I place my hands directly onto SEL 14. It usually is more comfortable if I cross the hands, which is to

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How To Harmonize SEL 14

Safety Energy Lock 14 appears frequently in my self-help lately. About a year or so ago, I decided that I did not know much about it and began harmonizing it as a form of an experiment with myself. It quickly became one of my favorite flows at night before sleep. But how is SEL 14 harmonized on oneself? I started with placing my hands over both sides SEL 14 at the bottom of my rib cage. After a while, I switched to holding opposite 14 with opposite elbow (SEL 19) as that is the anchor step for the Diaphragm Function

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