Maintain Us and Sustain Us

Let’s remember our Source of Nourishment and Sustenance today! In Jin Shin Jyutsu, we hold Safety Energy Lock 14 to remind ourselves that we are provided and sustained at any given instant. No matter how bad the politicians act, how scary the evening news has become, or how stressful our day has been! And so, we open Safety Energy Lock 14 while giving thanks for what we have.

Here are some of my favorite ways to open SEL 14.

  • I place my hands directly onto SEL 14. It usually is more comfortable if I cross the hands, which is to place each on the opposite 14.
  • I place one hand on the opposite SEL 14 and the other on the opposite SEL 19 (elbow). Not only I open SEL 14 by doing that, but also I help keep the Diaphragm energetic circulation in harmony.
  • I hold my ring finger. This is when I am really, really lazy and all I am willing to do is to hold a finger. The ring finger always feels good – it helps the breathing processes and the Lung/Large Intestine energetic patterns. It also relates to the Umbilicus/Diaphragm function energy as well. And, in addition to SEL 14, it opens four other Safety Energy Locks: SELs 7, 2, 17, and 4.

Let us not forget that SEL 14 is also the common denominator for the critical toe flows. Opening Safety Energy Lock 14 directly helps the harmonization of the Kidney, Spleen, and Liver function energy, which in turn will gift us with courage, sense of nourishment and protection, and spiritual healing.

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