The Little And the Ring Fingers

In her Self-Help Book 1, on page 36, Mary Burmeister offers us to hold our little and then ring fingers. It is a “long” sequence to keep our self-critical and judgmental thoughts from disharmonizing our energetic circulation. Specifically, this sequence helps our individualized heart and small intestine energetic patterns to stay in harmony.

Holding the little and then ring finger goes beyond the 5th depth and its aspects. Together with placing our other hand under the opposite arm, it forms the first step of the harmonizing sequence for Safety Energy Lock 26 (which by the way is also on page 36 but of Textbook 1).

Physically, the sequence can relieve disharmonies or discomforts along the arm, hand, and wrist. Mentally and emotionally, it will help us step out of our judgmental minds and accept ourselves as we are. Above all, it brings the gift of feeling Total and Complete – the keywords of Safety Energy Lock 26.

Discover for yourself what this sequence does! Place the left thumb on the back-side of the right little finger and then wrap the rest of the fingers around it. Hold for 3-5 minutes or for as long as you like it. Then repeat for the ring finger. Reverse your hands and repeat the sequence on the other side.

If you wish to combine it with SEL 26, then place your left hand under the right arm, while forming a circle with the right thumb over the little fingernail. After 3 – 5 minutes, move the thumb over the right ring fingernail. Mirror the sequence for the left arm.

I hope you enjoy the harmonizing effect of this sequence as much as I have done this past week.

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