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The Little And the Ring Fingers

In her Self-Help Book 1, on page 36, Mary Burmeister offers us to hold our little and then ring fingers. It is a “long” sequence to keep our self-critical and judgmental thoughts from disharmonizing our energetic circulation. Specifically, this sequence helps our individualized heart and small intestine energetic patterns to stay in harmony. Holding the little and then ring finger goes beyond the 5th depth and its aspects. Together with placing our other hand under the opposite arm, it forms the first step of the harmonizing sequence for Safety Energy Lock 26 (which by the way is also on page

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Heart and Joy

One of the first things we learn in the 5-Day Basic seminar is the relationship between Joy and Heart. They are both related to the 5th Depth, whose main attitude is Joy (or rather the Dissipation of Happiness) and its inhaling aspect is the Heart Function Energy.  We also have the Safety Energy Lock 15, Wash Our Hearts With Laughter, that reinforces that connection and directly helps physical heart discomforts.  All this information comes from the East and its healing traditions. But did you know that we have that knowledge built in our Western Traditions? Consider John 16:33 verse in

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