Flowing with the Moon

As the Earth rotates daily about its axis, we see the Sun rising and setting and generally sweeping a circle in the sky around us. This daily rhythm is powerful, and many of us are naturally harmonized with it. For instance, we sleep when the Sun appears below the Earth, and we are most active when the Sun is high up in the sky. And many of us have also experienced what it is to be out of harmony with the solar cycle. Whenever we travel to a destination in a different time zone, we suffer from jet lag – our bodily rhythm is out of sync with the local solar rhythm. It usually takes several days to acclimate to the new rhythm, and we can certainly use JSJ flows to ease and facilitate the adjustment.  

The Moon Around the Sky

But what about the Moon? Does the Moon’s monthly path through the skies affect us, and how harmonized with its rhythm are we?

Well, the Moon cycle is there, and we know it. Animals tend to be sensitive to it. My dog, for instance, is excessively restless on the nights when the Moon is full. There is also the correlation between the Moon’s cycle and the female reproductive functions.

I have been closely following the Moon for two years in relation to my daily thoughts, moods, and activities. I know that when the Moon enters the sign of my Sun, I become over-energized and that I need to be cautious not to overwork. When I procrastinate with a task, I console myself that I would eventually complete it, if not earlier, at least by the time the Moon sweeps through my Rising sign. It has worked like a charm for two years so far. 🙂

An Invitation to an Experiment

I invite you now to join me in a month-long journey to harmonize ourselves with the Moon cycle. The Moon takes about 28-29 days to circle about the Earth. Divided into twelve equal parts, that gives us about two days and a half to focus on one of the twelve-fold Function Energy aspects. For the next month, every two to three days, I will post an article reviewing the current position of the Moon, to what aspect of the daily Function Energy it corresponds, and how to harmonize that aspect.

If you are interested in joining me, sit back, relax, and wait for my next post. You don’t need to do anything but harmonize one of the twelve aspects of the daily Function Energy (organ flows) for a couple of days.

Mark Your Calendar

We will start our journey on November 19, 2021 when the Moon enters the area of Gemini – Stomach Function Energy

On that day, the Moon will also cross the ecliptic while in opposition to our Sun. As a consequence, the Earth’s shadow will partially eclipse the Moon. We will have the second and last lunar eclipse for 2021. Lunar eclipses are a good time for release – of burdens, mental blocks, emotional hang-ups, and the like. So, we’ll take that time to set a powerful intent for the release of the obstacles to our peace and wellbeing. 

Here is an article on how to help ourselves with jet lag. For more JSJ articles, check out the Archives Page. If you want to learn more but have no access to instructors or resources in your area, you may be interested in the self-paced online classes that I created on Udemy. You can always contact me with questions via email.

Did you know that you can get a consultation with me? Whether you wish to improve your self-help practice, tailor it to the current astrological events, or learn how astrology can help you understand yourself and make better decisions, I can help you. 


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    1. travelersguidetohealing

      Welcome! Just make sure to subscribe (on the right side of the page) to the Blog. After we finish, you can easily unsubscribe from the emails – there is a link on the bottom of each post.

  1. Veenu

    Thank you for the invite. Would love to join you. Hope the timing works according to IST too.

    1. travelersguidetohealing

      Good question!:-) I have timed the posts with the Moon entering the signs. And that is universal for everyone on the planet – even though it might appear 12 pm for me. (Washington, DC), 5 pm in London, or 1 am in Seoul. So, the time difference doesn’t matter. Unless you want to wake up and star harmonizing exactly as the Moon enters the sign, but that’d be too much effort. And I’ve never been a proponent of too much effort. Remember, this is supposed to be fun! Besides, once you get the email/post you have at least two days to focus on that organ flow – so plenty of time to harmonize.

  2. Dominique

    Thanks Tatiana i am looking forward to it

    1. travelersguidetohealing

      I’m excited too! I was feeling pretty bored with my usual flows – so I thought why not do something different. I hope you are doing fine!

  3. Bree

    Sounds great. I’ll join you and apply the flow as you announce it. Might create a powerful collective field if you mention the time of application and we all apply at same/similar time. Thank you, this is great! Bree

    1. travelersguidetohealing

      About coordinating the time – that’s a great question. I’m trying to keep it simple for everyone around the globe. One does wonder, however, what is more influential: one big wave or many ripples coming consistently…

  4. Gerie

    Thank you, Tatiana! Yes, enthusiastically subscribing. Hope timing will work. I’m on east coast time, Baltimore, MD. This looks powerful.

  5. Barbara

    Thank you so much for this opportunity.

  6. alda lesty

    Merci c’est une très belle idée

  7. Marie Kratz-Jezierski

    Love this…and you…

  8. Olivia Soleil

    I am very excited about this.

  9. Rajendra Pal

    Like your efferts and I follow your posts , they are very informative. I have learned a lot from your site. Regards.

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