Travelers Guide To Healing

Tag: Moon

1. Moon in Aries – Lung Function Energy

Time to Express Ourselves Aries – Lung Function Energy is about expressing ourselves. It is an energy that centers around ourselves – our wellbeing, our drive to do things, what we want, and how we go about it. Out of

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12. Moon in Pisces – Liver Function Energy

Beyond This World The Pisces – Liver energy helps us remember that there is more to this world than what we see. We become aware of the entire creation and draw inspiration from it – for our humanitarian projects, for

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11. Moon in Aquarius – Gall Bladder Function Energy

Working Towards Betterment Aquarius energy brings the desire to improve on the status quo. It’s innovative and humanitarian, intellectual and emotionally detached. When we’re in harmony with the Aquarius – Gall Bladder Function Energy, we are full of great ideas

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10. Moon in Capricorn – Umbilicus Function Energy

Building solidly After the expansiveness of Sagittarius, it is time to get down to earth and put in the work necessary to accomplish our goals. Capricorn – Umbilicus Function Energy helps us with that task. When in harmony, we know how to

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7. Moon in Libra – Bladder Function Energy

Relationships Symmetry, beauty, balance, harmony are all key words for the energy of Libra. In harmony, the energy bestows the ability to get along with everything and everyone around us. When out of harmony – we still want to please

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5. Moon in Leo – Heart Function Energy

Being Our Own Star The Moon just entered the fifth part of its circle around the Earth – the domain of Leo and the Heart Function Energy. Time for playfulness and authentic expression of who we are. When harmonized, Leo’s

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