11. Moon in Aquarius – Gall Bladder Function Energy

Working Towards Betterment

Aquarius energy brings the desire to improve on the status quo. It’s innovative and humanitarian, intellectual and emotionally detached. When we’re in harmony with the Aquarius – Gall Bladder Function Energy, we are full of great ideas for improvement and work well with others to put those ideas in place.

When out of harmony, we may become eccentric, aloof, insensitive, and insistent on new ideas at any cost. It is easy to fall into “the-goal-justifies-the-means” mentality.

To tap into the gifts of Aquarius, we’ll be harmonizing Gall Bladder Function Energy for the next two days.

Left Side

Place your Left Hand on the left side of the neck, midway between its base and top, at the location of Left SEL 12. Place your Right Hand above the right eyebrow at Right SEL 20. Hold for 3-5 minutes or for as long as it feels good.

Right Side

Place your Right Hand on the right side of the neck, midway between its base and top, at the location of Right SEL 12. Place your Left Hand above the left eyebrow at Left SEL 20. Hold for 3-5 minutes or for as long as it feels good.

How It Helps

The circulation path of Gall Bladder Function Energy encompasses many areas of the body – eyebrow, side of head and hip, chest, side of the leg, the Achilles tendon, top of foot, the fourth toe. Disharmonies of Gall Bladder can appear anywhere along its path and can be confusing if one is not clear about its long pathway.

In the Aquarius – Gall Bladder part of the sky, the Moon will encounter Saturn. If that is a sensitive spot in your personal chart, it might trigger feelings of insecurity, pessimism, negativity, and resistance. If you feel any of these, remind yourself that “this too shall pass.”

Gall Bladder Function Energy Left Side, Left Hand on the Left side of the neck midway between the base and the top; Right Hand above the Right eyebrow. Image Credit: Travelersguidetohealing.info

Here is the correspondence between the signs and the 12-fold Function Energy: (1) Aries/Lung; (2) Taurus/Large Intestine; (3) Gemini/Stomach; (4) Cancer/Spleen; (5) Leo/Heart; (6) Virgo/Small Intestine; (7) Libra/Bladder; (8) Scorpio/Kidney; (9) Sagittarius/Diaphragm; (10) Capricorn/Umbilicus; (11) Aquarius/Gall Bladder; (12) Pisces/Liver.

Coming up next is 12. Pisces – Liver Function Energy

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