Liver Function Energy


Liver Function Energy

At 2 am, the Gall Bladder becomes Liver Function Energy at the inner side of the big toenail. It then proceeds to ascend along the medial (inner side) of the foot, ankle, and leg up to the pubis where it crosses to the other side of the body. Thus, the left flow ascends along the left leg and then along the right side of the body to the right of the stomach and through the gall bladder.

The right flow begins at the right big toenail and ascends along the inner side of the leg up to the pubis where it crosses to the left side, passes along the left side of the stomach and into the pancreas.

Both sides of Liver Function Energy flow into the Diaphragm and then split into three branches. One branch ascends to the first rib and then to the underarm where it flows and scatters into the pleura [T2, p. 34, 2c(1)]. Another branch crosses back to the original side at the throat, ascends along the back of the eye and flows into the cerebrum. It eventually descends from the back of the head along the esophagus down to the stomach where it scatters. The last branch flows into the Lung where it becomes Lung Function Energy at 4 in the morning.


Liver Function Energy can harmonize the following elements along the body:

Left Flow HelpsRight Flow Helps
Left brain, eye, face, shoulderRight brain, eye, face, shoulder
Right lung, breast, chestLeft lung, breast, chest
Gall Bladder, LiverPancreas
Left legRight leg

How to Harmonize


Left Flow: Left Hand on Left 4 and Right Hand on Right 22.

Right Flow: Right Hand on Right 4 and Left Hand on Left 22

Further Commentary

Zodiacal Energy of Pisces

Liver Function Energy is 12th in the diurnal division and thus corresponds to the astrological energy of Pisces.