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11. Moon in Aquarius – Gall Bladder Function Energy

Working Towards Betterment Aquarius energy brings the desire to improve on the status quo. It’s innovative and humanitarian, intellectual and emotionally detached. When we’re in harmony with the Aquarius – Gall Bladder Function Energy, we are full of great ideas for improvement and work well with others to put those ideas in place. When out of harmony, we may become eccentric, aloof, insensitive, and insistent on new ideas at any cost. It is easy to fall into “the-goal-justifies-the-means” mentality. To tap into the gifts of Aquarius, we’ll be harmonizing Gall Bladder Function Energy for the next two days. Left Side

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Disharmony in the Body Function Energy Showing on the Face

Thursday night was our regular monthly local study group and an interesting topic came up. What can wrinkles on the face tell us about the underlying Body Function Energy? To that end, I thought I could share something I found in my notes from a 5-Day Seminar I took in 2011 with Carlos Gutterres. Don’t forget – the picture above shows only the symptoms of possible underlying disharmonies and/or stress. Even the FE corresponding to any particular type is most likely also a symptom. While we are resolving the deeper causes which usually lie within our mental attitudes, however, we

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