5. Moon in Leo – Heart Function Energy

Being Our Own Star

The Moon just entered the fifth part of its circle around the Earth – the domain of Leo and the Heart Function Energy. Time for playfulness and authentic expression of who we are. When harmonized, Leo’s gift is to know who we are and what is right for us. When disharmonized, it can show as a loss of authenticity – we begin to grasp for attention at any cost, seek validation outside ourselves, or take ourselves too seriously.

We’ll be harmonizing the Heart Function Energy for the next two days and a half. Here is how to do it:

Left Side

Place your Left hand on your left shoulder at Left SEL 11, and with the Right hand hold the left outer wrist at Left SEL 17. Hold for 3 – 5 minutes or for as long as it feels good.

Right Side

Place your Right hand on your right shoulder at Right SEL 11, and with the Left hand hold the outer right wrist at Right SEL 17.

How It Helps

The Heart Function Energy has a designated protector – the Diaphragm (Pericardium) Function Energy. I also find it curious that Heart Function Energy reaches out to the physical kidneys, while Kidney Function Energy reaches out to the physical heart. As a result, many disharmonies of the physical heart are actually due to dis-harmony of the Diaphragm or Kidney Function Energy rather than the Heart.

Harmonious Heart Function Energy helps us be true to ourselves. We have an inner strength that protects us from external influences and guides us along our authentic path in life. We live our lives with joy and playfulness.

As you sit and harmonize Heart Function Energy, remind yourself that you are the Star in your life. Ask yourself, “How do I express my true Self?”

Coming up next is number six: Virgo – Small Intestine Function Energy.

Heart Left Side. Left hand is on left shoulder, right hand wraps around the outer left wrist. Image Credit: Travelersguidetohealing.info

Heart Function Energy radiates from the heart outwards in five branches, only one of which is close to the surface. The branch that flows through the underarm along the arm is the only close to the surface. It is also the only branch that I have seen in Acupuncture atlases.

Here is the correspondence between the signs and the 12-fold Function Energy: (1) Aries/Lung; (2) Taurus/Large Intestine; (3) Gemini/Stomach; (4) Cancer/Spleen; (5) Leo/Heart; (6) Virgo/Small Intestine; (7) Libra/Bladder; (8) Scorpio/Kidney; (9) Sagittarius/Diaphragm; (10) Capricorn/Umbilicus; (11) Aquarius/Gall Bladder; (12) Pisces/Liver.

Upcoming next is 6. Leo – Small Intestine Function Energy.

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