7. Moon in Libra – Bladder Function Energy


Symmetry, beauty, balance, harmony are all key words for the energy of Libra. In harmony, the energy bestows the ability to get along with everything and everyone around us. When out of harmony – we still want to please everyone but do it in an unproductive manner. We say one thing now and another later. We become a people pleaser at any cost. Because we cannot see a way to harmonize two sides, we might take forever to choose a side.

For the next two and a half days, we’ll focus on the harmony and beauty by harmonizing the Bladder Function Energy. Here is how to do it:

Left Side

Place your Right hand on the left side of the neck midway between the base and the top at the location of Left SEL 12. Place your Left hand at the coccyx.

Right Side

Place your Left hand on your right side of the neck midway between the base and the top at the location of Right SEL 12. Place the Right hand at the coccyx.

How It Helps

Three branches of Bladder Function Energy wash down our back and can bring harmony anywhere from the back of the head to the back of the legs. It is an effective way to remove energetic blocks in the back of the body.

Fear comes in waves and can be overwhelming. Harmonizing Bladder helps us ride those waves without losing our peace.

Coming up next is number eight: Scorpio – Kidney Function Energy.

Bladder Left Side, Right hand on the left middle neck, Left hand on the coccyx. Image Credit: Travelersguidetohealing.info

A longer, four-step harmonizing sequence is given in Mary Burmeister’s Self Help Book 1 (p.48) as number three of the General Daily Sequences. There it is named Posterior Descending Energy and is included in The Touch of Healing Book (p.141) as well.

Here is the correspondence between the signs and the 12-fold Function Energy: (1) Aries/Lung; (2) Taurus/Large Intestine; (3) Gemini/Stomach; (4) Cancer/Spleen; (5) Leo/Heart; (6) Virgo/Small Intestine; (7) Libra/Bladder; (8) Scorpio/Kidney; (9) Sagittarius/Diaphragm; (10) Capricorn/Umbilicus; (11) Aquarius/Gall Bladder; (12) Pisces/Liver.

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