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Spring Cleaning

Spring is well underway, and in this transition from cold winter months to summer, it is easy to feel fatigued. Time for some spring cleansing, so I offer you a flow that harmonizes Fourth Depth – the depth most closely associated with cleansing. It helps both Bladder and Kidney Function Energy and keeps open Safety Energy Lock 23, the Controller of Our Destiny and a Cleanser Extraordinaire!   Reversing and Increasing of Fourth Depth Left Side Right Hand on Left SEL 2; Left Hand on Right High SEL 1 Right Hand on Left SEL 2; Left Hand in the area of

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7. Moon in Libra – Bladder Function Energy

Relationships Symmetry, beauty, balance, harmony are all key words for the energy of Libra. In harmony, the energy bestows the ability to get along with everything and everyone around us. When out of harmony – we still want to please everyone but do it in an unproductive manner. We say one thing now and another later. We become a people pleaser at any cost. Because we cannot see a way to harmonize two sides, we might take forever to choose a side. For the next two and a half days, we’ll focus on the harmony and beauty by harmonizing the

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Making Peace

If we ever hope to reach peace, Bladder is the aspect of the 12-fold Body Function that can help with that. It brings mental balance and helps us see that we are all in this together. Would you like to experience what the harmony of Bladder Function Energy brings? Here is a four-step sequence. You can find it also in The Touch of Healing [TH, p. 141] as the Anterior-Posterior Descending Energy and in the Introducing Jin Shin Jyutsu IS, Book 1 [SH, p. 48] as the General Daily Sequence No3. Left Side Right Side A Prayer Be still and

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