Making Peace

If we ever hope to reach peace, Bladder is the aspect of the 12-fold Body Function that can help with that. It brings mental balance and helps us see that we are all in this together.

Would you like to experience what the harmony of Bladder Function Energy brings? Here is a four-step sequence. You can find it also in The Touch of Healing [TH, p. 141] as the Anterior-Posterior Descending Energy and in the Introducing Jin Shin Jyutsu IS, Book 1 [SH, p. 48] as the General Daily Sequence No3.

Left Side

  1. Right hand on Left SEL 12, Left hand on the coccyx (or Left SEL 25)
  2. Left hand on the Left SEL 8
  3. Left hand on the Left SEL 16
  4. Left hand on the Left little toe

Right Side

  1. Left hand on Right SEL 12, Right hand on the coccyx (or Right SEL 25)
  2. Right hand on the Right SEL 8
  3. Right hand on the Right SEL 16
  4. Right hand on the Right little toe

A Prayer

Be still and accept God’s Will.
The miracles unfold
And transform the world
Into a new one of no fear.

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