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Courage in the Face of Changes

I was happy to see all the excitement our Webinar on Cycles provoked. That visible, very public MC spot in the natal chart surely stirred a lot of ah-ha moments. Many people quickly spotted that all the activity in Taurus currently is very close to the public MC spot of a controversial American politician.  The first time when my astrology teachers used this politician’s chart as an example in class, I was dismayed. I did not care much for politics or reality show celebrities. Couldn’t they have picked someone else? More pleasant? Kind? Spiritually inclined? Actually, no! When it comes to astrological

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Making Peace

If we ever hope to reach peace, Bladder is the aspect of the 12-fold Body Function that can help with that. It brings mental balance and helps us see that we are all in this together. Would you like to experience what the harmony of Bladder Function Energy brings? Here is a four-step sequence. You can find it also in The Touch of Healing [TH, p. 141] as the Anterior-Posterior Descending Energy and in the Introducing Jin Shin Jyutsu IS, Book 1 [SH, p. 48] as the General Daily Sequence No3. Left Side Right Side A Prayer Be still and

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Fear And How to Deal With It

“One need not try to destroy one’s faults. Simply change focus,” says Mary Burmeister. [WMS, p. 15] When we fight something, it implies that it has power over us. And by struggling against it, or trying to destroy it, we give it strength and legitimacy to its existence. So, the most effective, and arguably the only way to deal with mental habits is to simply change focus. And by changing focus, I don’t mean to avoid or to deny, but rather to overlook those faults. Here is what flows I have used to deal with fearful situations. Note the function

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