Courage in the Face of Changes

I was happy to see all the excitement our Webinar on Cycles provoked. That visible, very public MC spot in the natal chart surely stirred a lot of ah-ha moments. Many people quickly spotted that all the activity in Taurus currently is very close to the public MC spot of a controversial American politician. 

The first time when my astrology teachers used this politician’s chart as an example in class, I was dismayed. I did not care much for politics or reality show celebrities. Couldn’t they have picked someone else? More pleasant? Kind? Spiritually inclined?

Actually, no! When it comes to astrological principles, it turns out that the best illustrations come from undeveloped personalities. And if they have a public life, all the better. We can all collectively watch as they bob up and down as the astrological waves ripple across the fabric of our existence.

The more spiritually aware one is, the more in control of one’s stars. Not much to see in the charts of the Dalai Lama or Thich Nhat Hanh. Take Sri Paramahamsa Yogananda for example. In his “Autobiography of a Yogi,” he shared a story in which he could accomplish whatever he set out to, despite any “unfavorable” astrological conditions. On the other hand, undeveloped politicians and government heads remain under the thumb of their subconscious urges, as indicated by the astrological symbols. They rise and fall with the stars with unerring accuracy. 

Gyan – the Mudra of Supreme Knowledge

What are we to do about all this? Nothing much in the external world if we are to trust Marcus Aurelius and his stoic friends. The solution, he says, is on the inside, in our mental attitudes and habits. He should know! After all, as a Roman Emperor, he ruled the quarter of the then-known world. I am sure he has seen his fair share of petty, malicious, conniving, and cruel politicians.

Hold your index finger. Not only does it harmonize the energy of Taurus/Large Intestine, but it also cuts the feedback between our mental fears and our body wellness. As a bonus, you get in touch with the Scorpio/Kidney Function Energy – precisely what we need in this time of transition. The courage to face whatever comes our way no matter what. The strength to keep our wits about and see the shining truth behind the apparent turmoil.

Upcoming Webinar: CHANGES

Changes are upon the globe. Where is the liberating effect of Uranus playing in your chart? Is the non-negotiable transformation that Pluto brings happening in a sensitive spot? What can you do about it? Find out the answers to these and more questions in this webinar here.

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