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Courage in the Face of Changes

I was happy to see all the excitement our Webinar on Cycles provoked. That visible, very public MC spot in the natal chart surely stirred a lot of ah-ha moments. Many people quickly spotted that all the activity in Taurus currently is very close to the public MC spot of a controversial American politician.  The first time when my astrology teachers used this politician’s chart as an example in class, I was dismayed. I did not care much for politics or reality show celebrities. Couldn’t they have picked someone else? More pleasant? Kind? Spiritually inclined? Actually, no! When it comes to astrological

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2. Moon in Taurus – Large Intestine Function Energy

Values and Resources Yay! We made it through the circle. In another two days, the Moon will have completed one round in its path along the sky and will begin a new one. We end our month-long experiment with the Moon in the Taurus part of the sky. Taurus is about values and resources. Out of harmony Taurus – Large Intestine Function Energy results in stubborn, possessive, and highly materialistic attitudes.  In Taurus, the Moon will also encounter the perennial rebel – Uranus, who has been in that part of the sky for a couple of years already. Uranus is about changes,

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