Are We in Control?

It seems my moods are controlled by what I read, and needless to say, the news articles today are full of fears and anxiety. So, how do we deal with all the negativity that bombards us? Apart from shutting ourselves entirely off from the world, there is another, easier, way – we can keep Safety Energy Lock 23 open.

Safety Energy Lock 23 resonates with courage and helps us own and assume control of our destiny. We are not reeds in the universal waters swashing back and forth. On the physical level, SEL 23 can prevent our fearful mental state from affecting the health and harmony of our body.

So, how do we open SEL 23 in Jin Shin Jyutsu? By far, the easiest way is to hold our index finger, which harmonizes the entire Fourth Depth. But what if we want to be a bit more precise and target specifically SEL 23 for harmonization. Here are some of the variations that I usually like to do.

How to Open SEL 23

  • SEL 23. Sitting or standing, I place my hands directly on the small of the back. It is relatively comfortable and immediately opens SEL 23
  • 23-25 on the same side. Lying down, on my side, I like to hug my body across and reach for the opposite side SEL 23. I place the right hand on the left SEL 23 and then the left hand on the left SEL 25. I mirror the sequence for the right side. The combination of 23-25 creates a wonderful prayer: “Be Still and Know That I Am in Control of My Destiny”.
  • 23-8 on opposite sides. If the above sequence is not comfortable, here is an alternative, no less magnificent. I place my right hand on the right SEL 23 and the left hand on the left SEL 8. I reverse the hands for the left side flow. And the prayer here? “I will not be afraid of miracles.”
  • Little finger. I hold the little finger of either hand. The little finger is the finger facilitator for opening SEL 23 and a bunch of other SELs.

So, go ahead and discover your favorite sequence for keeping SEL 23 open. God knows, we all have a great need for it.

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  1. Larry Scudder
    | Reply

    Thank you!

  2. Larry Scudder
    | Reply

    Thank you for this reminder to open my 23s and 25s! Peace, good health and happiness to all!

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