Safety Energy Lock 18

Safety Energy Lock 18 is located at the base of the thumb. When I hold only one side, I frequently end up holding my entire thumb. And while it feels great, I am never certain whether what I experience is due to the thumb opening 1st depth and a bunch of Safety Energy Locks or SEL 18 itself.

Today, I was sitting still while I was trying to quiet my mind and get insights on how to go about a new project when I decided to hold SEL 18. In the past, I have placed my hands on the 15s or the 19s, but today I ended up holding my hands just as in the picture.

And didn’t that feel good? Within the 10 minutes of sitting still, twice a warm, pleasant wave washed over the front of my body from the chest to the lower abdomen area. Mary Burmeister tells us that SEL 18 helps the chest area. My JSJ seminar notes also add that SEL 18 helps body consciousness, and it clears up the abdomen.

I cannot help but feel that SEL 18 helps us somehow flesh out and materialize our ideas. We might need SEL 17 for inspiration, but it’s SEL 18 that helps us hit the ground and begin shaping ideas into a physical form. See how it helps us build even a new self in this post from last year. And lately, SEL 18 has been resonating with the symbolism of the Page of Pentacles of the Tarot deck. It reminds me that “passion for our goal must supersede our anxieties about it.” (Card of the Day by Elliot Adam)

The Page of Pentacles represents the passion you feel for what really interests you. This can be a goal, a talent, a creative pursuit, or a career that you love. To get better at anything, you have to work at it.

Card of the Day by Elliot Oracle

And, Safety Energy Lock 18 might as well help us start the process.

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