In Control Of Our Destiny

In her book “It Is Not Your Money“, Tosha Silver mentions Aparigraha, Vairagiya, and Ishvara Pranidhana as the three Crown Jewels of the advanced yogi. So, what are those terms and what do they have to do with Jin Shin Jyutsu?

Let me start with the last one – Ishvara Pranidhana which in Sanskrit, according to Wikipedia, means commitment to Ishvara (Lord). In short, this is the state in which we turn all our affairs to the Creator. I was holding both SELs 12 one night when it occurred to me that its affirmation of “Thy Will Be Done” resonates with the concept of Ishvara Pranidhana.

By the way, if you find yourself resisting this concept, you are welcome to modify the phrase to “My will and God’s are one.” That worked nicely for one of my JSJ students who did not place his hands on SEL 12 until I changed the affirmation. And, no, the phrase is not mine but comes directly from Lesson 74 of A Course In Miracles.

What about the two concepts of Aparigraha and Vairagiya? Wikipedia explains Aparigraha as non-grasping and Vairagiya as detachment or when we relinquish our strong likes and dislikes to events, people, and objects. I offer here two Safety Energy Locks for your consideration in relation to these two concepts.

Safety Energy Lock 15 resonates with mental balance, teaches us to laugh, and in the words of Mary Burmeister “washes our hearts with laughter”. And open SEL 15 helps us laugh more frequently, take ourselves less seriously, and therefore detach from all the attachments that cause us misery. In the context of Vairagiya, it allows us to look at the world around without the distorting coloration of our attachments.

Safety Energy Lock 23, on the other hand, reminds us that we are in control of our destiny. And once we recognize the true and authentic control we have, we abandon our grasping at arbitrary objects, events, or outcomes. We are in the state of Aparigraha. By the way, SEL 23 works so profoundly that we can experience its effects quite immediately. I was once able to clear caffeine-induced jitters in a manner of minutes by holding SEL 23.

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