Our Ability For Discrimination

No, I am not talking about discrimination as in separation and unfair treatment, but as the “power to distinguish and select what is true or appropriate or excellent”, according to Merriam-Webster. In Jin Shin Jyutsu, it is harmoniously circulating Small Intestine Function Energy that bestows that gift.

The textbook gives us a 4-step harmonizing sequence that works for self-help as well with a slight modification. [T2, p. 21] Here is the left-side self-help variation.

  1. Place the left hand on the left SEL 11 and the right hand on the right SEL 13.
  2. Place the right hand on the left SEL 11 and the left hand on the right SEL 19.
  3. Place back the left hand on the left SEL 11 and the right hand on the left SEL 1.
  4. Keeping the left hand on the left SEL 11, I end with my right hand on the left SEL 7.

Four – The Number of Earth

Four simple steps of which three are a complete mystery to me. Small Intestine FE begins at the little finger, climbs down the arm towards the shoulder, crosses to the opposite side of the body at the level of SEL 11 where it splits into two branches. One climbs up towards the face, while the other descends down through SEL 13. So, holding the left 11 with the right 13 for the left circulation pattern makes sense – they are along the circulatory pathway of the Function Energy.

Small Intestine Function Energy, however, scatters somewhere in the vicinity of the stomach/heart area [T2, p. 20], and never reaches the groin area, let alone the knee (SEL 1) or the foot (SEL 7). So, what is with the last two steps of the sequence?

As I was doing this sequence early in the morning, an idea came to mind. Safety Energy Lock 1 gets us moving and out of stagnation, while Safety Energy Lock 7 helps us accept ourselves without judgment or guilt. When Small Intestine Function Energy becomes dis-harmonized, we lose our discernment and discrimination. In other words, we lose the “power to distinguish and select what is true or appropriate or excellent.” We become stuck in obsessive, compulsive behaviors, insist on perfectionism, and are hyper-critical of others and ourselves. We miss the forest for the trees.

It is SEL 1 in step 3 that gets us out of the spinning wheels in our heads and onto a path that leads somewhere. It is all about motion and movement with a direction, not in a circle! 🙂 Then, we follow in with step 4 and receive the gift of SEL 7 – acceptance without guilt or judgment. We don’t need to try to be anything but ourselves. We are already perfect as we are, insists an open SEL 7.

Step 2, however, remains a mystery. If you think that holding SEL 19 makes sense because Small Intestine FE flows through the elbow – think again! In the left sequence, we are harmonizing the left Small Intestine FE along the left arm, yet the harmonizing sequence utilizes the right SEL 19. If anything, SEL 19 lies in the circulatory path of the right Small Intestine FE. So, what do you think, my readers? I welcome any thoughts and ideas.

Let go of burdens so that Love can shine.
I have all the power there is.
In constant movement,
I find perfection is the state of being.

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