What Is the Second Step in the Bladder Self Help Harmonizing Sequence

Everyone, please meet my dog Brodie. He is lying on the outer side of my knee. Yes, that is right – exactly where Safety Energy Lock 8 is located. Here is the story behind that…

I was tired and sleepy, so I thought I could take a short nap. I’ve noticed in the past that if I right out take a nap, my little nap easily turns into two-hour-long sleep in the middle of the day. But, if I give myself JSJ self-help flow while napping, I inevitably wake up after 20 minutes refreshed and alert. So, I curled on my side, placed my hands in the anchor position for the Bladder Function self-help harmonizing sequence, and fell asleep promptly. Exactly twenty minutes later, I woke up with my hands still on the SEL 12 and the coccyx. I was just wondering if I should move my hand from the coccyx to SEL 8 as in the second step of the Bladder sequence when I noticed Brodie circling and looking for a spot to lie down. For a moment, I thought he’d come and park himself next to my belly, but I was wrong. After a short deliberation, he placed himself next to my knees and laid his head over my left SEL 8. Hmm, my dog appears to know the second step of the JSJ harmonizing sequence for Bladder!?! 

In case you wonder – he did not move to my outer ankle (SEL 16). He heard someone walking in the kitchen and decided to go and check it out in search of food. He never confuses his priorities! 🙂

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