Safety Energy Locks 1 and 10 to Help with Sleep

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So, what have you seen floating around as recommendations for sleep?

Harmonizing Diaphragm Function Energy is one of the standard flows as it rules the night – sleep, dreams, nightmares, visions, etc. Another well-established option is to hold Safety Energy Lock 18. Along that vein, I read a post recently on the Internet where someone recommended holding the shoulder together with making a fist. Presumably, by making a fist, we hold SEL 18 with that hand.

For myself, however, I have discovered that the most efficient way to fall asleep is when I ask my husband to place his hand on my back in the area of SEL 10. I have no idea why and how it works, but it has worked unfailingly so far. It is so efficient that whenever I fidget, my husband stretches his hand and places it on my back without waiting for me to ask first.

But what can one do about this sleepless/fidgety business at night if there is nobody around to lend a helping hand on one’s back? After I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t bring myself to wake up my husband, I tried all the recommendations above – holding my elbow and rib cage (SELs 14-19) for the Diaphragm, holding the SEL 18 alone and with the shoulder, but I didn’t seem to be able to settle into sleep. Then, I had this insight to harmonize SEL 1.

Now, I have experienced SEL 1 extensively but never in the context of helping me fall asleep. Yet, after I placed my hands on the SEL 1, it worked like a charm. I wonder now – what is the relationship between SEL 1 and sleep? Given that 10 can be viewed as an enhanced 1 – after all 10 is just a 1 with an added zero – is 10 related to sleep? Or, is it 1 that is related to sleep? Or perhaps both?

In any case, I will definitely be experimenting with SEL 1 more in the context of falling asleep. After all, it is much easier to reach SEL 1 than SEL 10 on oneself without extraneous help!

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