Safety Energy Locks 1 and 10 to Help with Sleep

So, what have you seen floating around as recommendations for sleep?

Harmonizing Diaphragm Function Energy is one of the standard flows as it rules the night – sleep, dreams, nightmares, visions, etc. Another well-established option is to hold Safety Energy Lock 18. Along that vein, I read a post recently on the Internet where someone recommended holding the shoulder together with making a fist. Presumably, by making a fist, we hold SEL 18 with that hand.

For myself, however, I have discovered that the most efficient way to fall asleep is when I ask my husband to place his hand on my back in the area of SEL 10. I have no idea why and how it works, but it has worked unfailingly so far. It is so efficient that whenever I fidget, my husband stretches his hand and places it on my back without waiting for me to ask first.

But what can one do about this sleepless/fidgety business at night if there is nobody around to lend a helping hand on one’s back? After I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t bring myself to wake up my husband, I tried all the recommendations above – holding my elbow and rib cage (SELs 14-19) for the Diaphragm, holding the SEL 18 alone and with the shoulder, but I didn’t seem to be able to settle into sleep. Then, I had this insight to harmonize SEL 1.

Now, I have experienced SEL 1 extensively but never in the context of helping me fall asleep. Yet, after I placed my hands on the SEL 1, it worked like a charm. I wonder now – what is the relationship between SEL 1 and sleep? Given that 10 can be viewed as an enhanced 1 – after all 10 is just a 1 with an added zero – is 10 related to sleep? Or, is it 1 that is related to sleep? Or perhaps both?

In any case, I will definitely be experimenting with SEL 1 more in the context of falling asleep. After all, it is much easier to reach SEL 1 than SEL 10 on oneself without extraneous help!

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