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Out of Stagnation Into Movement

What can we do if we feel stagnation choking us? Safety Energy Lock 1‘s function is Movement. Mary Burmeister called it the Prime Mover. Wayne Hackett tells a story about a lady who lost weight by holding her SEL 1 for a year. You know, to get the energetic circulation moving and clearing blocks. Safety Energy Lock 1 can indeed pull energy that is stuck above the waist downward. It connects what is above with what is below. But it goes beyond the obvious. It also helps us get out of stagnation and into movement again. Here is a three-step

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Hi 19 with Hi 1

If you had to choose ONE flow… Anyone who has taken a class with Wayne Hackett knows the joke. If you had to choose one flow…and then follow all the flows that there are.  🙂  Joking aside, holding High 19 with High 1 is easily one of the top contenders for the ONE flow.  First of all, it is short and easy. Place your left hand on the right High 19 while you place your right hand on the left High 1. Or, vice versa. It’s an awesome flow to hold while sitting in a chair: in a meeting, at

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